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pile of white elephant giftsWhite elephant gift ideas have become a passion of mine over the years. It all started some 30 years ago when I went to my first White Elephant gift exchange at my then boyfriend’s parent’s house. At the time I was still somewhat new to his family so I wanted to be sure to bring a gift that anyone could appreciate, a nice matching kitchen set complete with kitchen towels and oven mits.

Oh boy was I in for a surprise! I was practically snored out of the game with my utterly boring white elephant gift! Turns out his family were a bit of white elephant gift idea buffs and wow did they impress with each and every gift! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard or had as much fun watching people open Christmas gifts. From that moment on I’ve been determined each year to out gift my fellow white elephant gift idea loving family. Since my readers are my extended family, I thought I’d let you in on some of my favorite white elephant gift ideas, sure to be crowd pleasers!

1) That’s Your What?!

white elephant gift idea usb pet rockThis white elephant gift idea is a new take on the ‘70’s pet rock. It’s the USB pet rock and actually connects to your computer via the USB port. And although it looks very interesting and gives the appearance of something uniquely new and effective, in actuality it does nothing. And as we all know, the best white elephant gift ideas are those that look cool but are essentially worthless!

2) My Dog Ate It

white elephant gift idea instant excuse ballGreat for teenagers and adults alike, this white elephant gift idea is sure to be stolen more than once! The instant excuse ball will help you get out of tough situations; with one shake you’ll have an impromptu explanation for anything. Who knew white elephant gift ideas could actually make life easier?!

3) Cheers Clark!

white elephant gift idea christmas vacation moose mugNo other white elephant gift ideas bring the smiles like some nostalgic humor. Christmas Vacation, one of the classic Holiday movies turns to life with the glass moose mug. Just add eggnog to this white elephant gift for some instant Clark Griswold Christmas spirit.

4) Have A Blast

white elephant gift idea marshmallow blaster gunThis white elephant gift idea is the ultimate combination of creative and fun, the Marshmallow Blaster! You will have to fight for this sweet gun not only at the White Elephant Gift Exchange, but also at home with your kids! Loser has to make Rice Krispy Treats!

5) Celtic Pride

white elephant gift idea kilt bath towelWhen you can add a funny twist to everyday normal objects, you know you’ve got great white elephant gift ideas. The Kilt bath towel turns boring showers into a fancy Scottish affair and will have you wondering why you don’t wear one more often.

6) That’s Laird To You

white elephant gift idea laird or lady titleHave you ever dreamt of being a princess or prince? How about a Scottish Lady or Laird? Awesome white elephant gift ideas have met their match with the Become a Lady or Laid Gift Box where you become an official owner of Scottish property and hold the proud Scottish title. This white elephant gift idea will have the recipient doing a double take.

7) Toy with the Dark Side

white elephant gift idea darth vader light saberThe force will be with you with this great white elephant gift idea. Be prepared for shock and awe when the recipient’s childhood dream of having their very own light saber comes true.

8) Make Art Come Alive

white elephant gift idea 3d art padWhite elephant gift ideas are the best when they bring out the kid in you. The 3D drawing pad is one of those white elephant gifts! Complete with 3D glasses, your ordinary doodles will now transform into installation art!

9) Jam Session

white elephant gift idea finger drum setJust when you thought you’ve seen it all, this white elephant gift idea surprises with delight! The finger drum set may sound silly until you’ve actually tried it. It’s portable live music you can take to work for break solos, or see if your coworkers rock other instruments like the world’s smallest violin and you’ll have yourself a mini band.

10) It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s…

white elephant gift idea caped superhero glassesBe the hero at your white elephant gift exchange with this whimsical white elephant gift idea, superhero caped pint glasses. Now you know what Bruce Wayne sips on in the bat cave.

I hope these white elephant gift ideas help you in your search for the perfect white elephant gift. Don’t wind up the wet blanket with the boring gift, as you can see there are just too many great white elephant gift ideas out there to settle! When in doubt, go for something you think is funny or would like to have because that’s what it’s all about! Enjoy your white elephant gift exchange and happy holidays!

So those are a few of my favorite white elephant gift ideas. What are some of your favorite white elephant gift ideas?

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