What To Get Someone Who Has Everything

Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has EverythingThe person who has everything. If you know one of these people, you understand just how hard it is to find the right gift— especially if you’re not too keen on spending a fortune or the rest of the week looking for it. But searching for what to get someone who has everything doesn’t need to be a time and money drain. You just need to know where to look.

That’s where I come in. I’ve done all the gift searching for you, all you need to do is pick one and your long quest of figuring out what to get someone who has everything is over. Check out my list of 5 affordable and unique gift ideas that even the person who has everything would love!

Treat Their Sweet Tooth, Old-School Style

gift idea for someone who has everything old time candyDoes your loved one fondly remember drinking from Wax Syrup Bottles or enjoying Candy Cigarettes? Give a blast from the past with Old Time Candy. A unique solution to what to get someone who has everything, this online store offers a time capsule’s worth of sweets, including Jawbreakers, Sugar Daddies, and Root Beer Barrels.

Old Time Candy makes shopping easy with pages that allow you to shop by decade. Give a 70s child a box of Bottle Caps or Bubble Gum Cigars. If he or she grew up in the Leave it to Beaver era, treat them to Black Jack Taffy or Beer Nuts. Not sure what gets their sweet tooth salivating? Choose the popular Decade box, which features dozens of candy pieces from a decade of your choice.

Give The Gift Of A Special Day

Gift Idea for Someone Who Has Everything My Day RegistryDoes your loved one have a special day dedicated just to them? Probably not. So answer the question of what to get someone who has everything with My Day Registry where you can register a day in your loved one’s honor. It might be the day you married him or the day she was born. The honoree receives a framed parchment certificate they will proudly hang for friends and family to gush over.

My Day Registry also comes with an online profile to share with loved ones. For example, personalize the profile with baby and childhood photos. Make this gift romantic by uploading photos from the wedding or a special vacation you shared. And, since each day has only one owner, you can be assured that you’re giving a one-of-a-kind gift.

Make Their Heart Sing with Relaxation

Gift Idea for someone who has everything Tibetan Singing Bowl Your loved one probably doesn’t have one of these. When it’s time to shop for what to get someone who has everything, go for the Tibetan Singing Bowl. This special type of bell is used in Eastern cultures to relax the mind. Each of these handmade bowls sits on its bottom and has a unique sound that’s generated as the sides and rim vibrate. Singing bowls produce such a relaxing sound that some health care pros, like stress specialists, cancer doctors, and psychotherapists, recommend their use.

This unique gift is sure to delight your eyes and soul with the various Tibetan symbols and Mantras inscribed on the singing bowl. Included with this culturally sweet gift is a handcrafted wooden striker designed especially for the singing bowl to create the sounds of the Himalayas. Since each is handmade, every design is slightly different, making a genuinely unique gift.

Pull Up A Stool And Have A Pint

gift idea for someone who has everything personalized pub glassesNothing tells your sweetheart how much you love them like a customized gift. When you need to know what to get someone who has everything, it’s time to consider personalized pub glasses. This is the perfect present for the beer fanatic or the man-cave dweller. Made with the same quality as the glasses at your favorite bar, these pint glasses feature the beer lover’s name and an “established” year.

Pair this gift with a six-pack of their favorite brew or a home brewing kit. Personalized pint glasses are also ideal to give with another man-cave themed gift, like a dart board. Did your man recently move to a new home? Custom pub glasses are a useful and unique gift. Remember, of course, that if you give this gift you’ll need to invite the gang over to inaugurate them.

Let Them Know They’re In Charge

Gift Idea for someone who has everything everywhere chairOh, what to get someone who has everything?! Give a gift they will use—and talk about: a personalized director’s chair. Everywhere Chair offers custom director’s chairs you can personalize with a name or nickname. Choose a high-quality embroidered canvas chair, just like the one real directors sit in, or pick a chair with a heat-transferred photo of your loved one’s good-time gang.

Gift-giving is easy and fun with the customized director’s chair. Give a movie buff this gift paired with a “director’s cut” copy of their favorite flick. Or package the chair with a megaphone for the mom who’s clearly in charge of the whole family. It’s also a great idea for the person who loves to kick back in a man-cave or home theater room.

Shopping for what to get someone who has everything doesn’t need to be a chore. From dedicating a special day to giving a personalized director’s chair, you will find a gift for that hard-to-shop-for loved one and it will be a gift they’ll treasure for years.

Do you have unique gift ideas for what to get someone who has everything? Please send them my way and you may just see your idea featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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