What to Get for Valentine’s Day

heart on a clothes line representing what to get for valentines day As the big day of love approaches, you may be wondering about what to get for Valentine’s Day. You could pick up a box of chocolate at the discount store. Or you could send a dozen roses—just like you do every year. Or you could make this the year your loved one brags, “You’ll never believe what I got!”

So wonder no more about what to get for Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that will make this Cupid Day a memorable one:

Give Your Honey a Holiday

dedicate a day valentines day giftEvery couple has a day that’s near and dear to their hearts. Perhaps it’s the night you first said “I love you.” Maybe it’s the day you wed. So when you’re scratching your head over what to get for Valentine’s Day, make that day officially and exclusively yours with the My Day Registry. This international registry allows you to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary, or even the date of your first kiss. This Valentine’s gift works by designating your loved one as the unique owner of that special day. There’s only one owner per day allowed for each state or country.

Your Valentine will receive an 11” x 14” framed keepsake-quality parchment certificate personalized with the name of your day. It’s a unique gift that will spark memories and conversation for years to come. But, as the late-night infomercials say, that’s not all! Each registration comes with a secure online profile. Personalize the profile, which is formatted like a photo album, with special pics, video and music. Use the online album to remember the special date or event and share those memories with family and friends.

Make New Memories

city discovery dancing lessons is what to get for valentines dayWhen you’re wondering what to get for Valentine’s Day, it might be time to amp up the romance factor by creating exciting new memories. Consider going on a new adventure by learning something new—and I’m not talking about signing up for a pottery class at the local craft shop. Through City Discovery, you’ll find tango lessons in Buenos Aires, surfing schools in Rio de Janeiro, or dolphin diving in Puerto Rico. If domestic travel is more your style, learn the in’s and out’s of New York, one of the world’s most exciting cities. Find tours that let you and your loved one get to know the city’s culture better, from Hell’s Kitchen to Ellis Island. No matter what type of lessons you choose, you’ll create a learning experience that will build lasting memories.

Go Gourmet

gourmet station dinner is what to get for valentines dayWondering what to get for Valentine’s Day? You could go for the tried-and-true romantic dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. Or you could crank up the Valentine’s heat by ordering an intimate dinner to be delivered to your home. Gourmet dinner services, like Gourmet Station, deliver a gift-packed dinner that heats up in less than 30 minutes. Choose from a variety of full-course meals, including Parisian, Tuscan, and fusion. But you don’t need to be an international gourmand; Gourmet Station also delivers tasty meals featuring salmon, sirloin, or beef tips.

And, remember, as romantic as it might be to order in dinner for two the real gift is in the details: no shopping, no chopping, and no clean up!

Write Your Own Love Story

love book online is what to get for valentines dayWho needs romance novels when you can turn your real-life romance into a book? A Love Book is a printed story you customize for your loved one. Start by creating a free account, then walk through the simple steps to create the text and choose the illustrations. Stumped for book ideas? No worries! The site provides ready-made templates to make it easy for even the most writing-phobic lovers to create a Valentine’s surprise. The book is printed on acid-free paper, which means it will stay a cherished keepsake for many years. Love Book really does take the hassle out of what to get for Valentine’s Day.

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

cheese club gift of the month is what to get for valentines dayThe answer to what to get for Valentine’s Day is easy with this unique idea: extend Valentine’s Day through the rest of the year by giving your honey a gourmet gift-of-the-month club. And this isn’t your mom’s old, ordinary jelly-of-the-month club. Gourmet Monthly Clubs offers a menu of ultra-gourmet gifts that will tantalize any taste, from cheese lovers to wine connoisseurs. How does it work? Simply choose a gourmet treat that makes your loved one’s taste buds tingle. Each month he or she will receive a delectable treat from the club you’ve chosen. Just imagine how much your Valentine will genuinely enjoy a beautiful tropical bouquet or specialty microbrew. Transform this gift into a year-long event by making a monthly date to sample and enjoy the tasty treats from Amazing Clubs.

This year the annual challenge of what to get for Valentine’s Day is no longer a headache trigger. Whether you choose to give your honey a holiday with the My Day Registry or order a fuss-free gourmet dinner, you can rest easy that you’re giving a gift that will make them feel loved.

Have ideas on what to get for Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below and share them with us! You never know, you may just see it featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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