What to Get for Father’s Day?

little girl on her dads shoulders to represent what to get for fathers dayIt won’t be long before Father’s Day is here. That makes finding an answer to what to get for Father’s Day all the more important. Really, no one likes to be stuck combing department or discount stores the night before, praying to find something he’ll love! But you can breathe easy because I’ve created a list of unique and fun ideas for what to get for Father’s Day:

Show Dad He’s MVP

personalized baseball jersey set is what to get for fathers dayWhen you’re looking for a cute, memorable solution to what to get for Father’s Day, you won’t go wrong with this personalized pinstripe baseball jersey from Personalization Mall. Customize this great gift with his last name on the back and his first name on the front. Made of 100% cotton, it features navy blue pinstripes and matching color sleeves and collar.

You’ll have plenty of creative gift-giving options for this baseball jersey. Order 2 jerseys for a father-son combo, or order several Team Dad jerseys for dad and all his sons and/or daughters. Really hit this Father’s Day gift out of the park by adding tickets to a major league baseball game.

Dedicate a Day to Dad

a day at my day registry is what to get for fathers dayDid your father work extra shifts to help put you through college? Or was dad the shoulder you leaned on during a tough time? No matter how his fatherly love has impacted your life, the answer to what to get for Father’s Day is simple and thoughtful with MyDayRegistry.com. This unique gift idea allows you to register a day, like a birthday or milestone, or even “World’s Best Daddy Day” in your dad’s honor.

Once registered, he’ll receive a framed certificate he can showcase in his home, man cave, or office— it will let everyone know just how important he is to you. You’ll also receive an online profile you can share with family and friends. Just upload photo and video memories to show the world how much you love dad.

Give Dad Some Skin

personalized skin is what to get for fathers dayNo, not the high-five kind. The covers from UniqueSkins.com are good choices for techie dads. A skin is a super-strong vinyl material that covers an electronic device, like an iPhone or laptop, protecting it from scuffs and scratches. UniqueSkins covers come in a staggering range of designs, so you’re sure to find one to suit your dad. One of my favorites is the Create Your Own Skin service. Simply upload an image or add custom text or shapes (like skulls or arrows) to create the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Pamper Him with Gourmet Brew

beer club membership is what to get for fathers dayIs your father a beer aficionado? Then what to get for Father’s Day on June 17th is simple with the Original Craft Beer Club. Way more fun than the jam of the month club, this unique service will send him 12 world-class beers (3 bottles each of 4 different styles) on a schedule you choose, whether it’s monthly or quarterly. Newly featured beers are regularly included like the Grand Teton Brewing’s Howling Wolf, sure to get dad yelping for more!

The Original Craft Beer Club doesn’t charge membership fees and shipping is always free, so you know you’re getting a great value for your Father’s Day gift shopping dollars. You can also buy with confidence because you can cancel a membership at any time.

Make Memories More Memorable

preserving pictures with photo bin is what to get for fathers dayAny dad worthy of the title appreciates the value of family photos, those images that capture life’s priceless moments, like the first time he held his newborn. PhotoBin is a service that makes it easy to share and preserve those memories, making it a sweet choice for what to get for Father’s Day. If Grandpa has boxes of slides or negatives collecting dust, transform them into a DVD the family can watch together. What I love about PhotoBin is that they make the process so hassle-free: simply mail in your photos/negatives/etc. using their pre-addressed mailing label and they do the rest!

PhotoBin offers other great Father’s Day gift ideas for dad. Take a family photo and turn it into a custom canvas artwork, or collect photos from a special event (like a family vacation or reunion) and create a fun photo book. No matter what a dad’s style or personality, you’re practically guaranteed to find the perfect gift on PhotoBin.com.

So what are you waiting for? Those calendar pages are still turning, and Father’s Day on June 17, 2012 is coming up fast. From honoring him with a MyDayRegistry.com dedication to preserving precious memories with PhotoBin, it’s time to decide what to get for Father’s Day so you can show that special man how completely loved he is.

Do you know what to get for Father’s Day? Please share! We love to hear your gift ideas for dad! You never know, you may just see them featured in our next gift article!

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