What To Do For Mother’s Day

A mom being kissed by her husband and son for Mothers DayMom spends all year doing things for others. Whether its shuffling the kids off to soccer practice, helping dad with his tie, or volunteering down at the local homeless shelter, one thing is for sure: mom does a lot! So With mom’s special day coming up on May 12, 2013, its time to start thinking about what to do for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year so be sure you show your mom how much you appreciate everything she does and have a little fun while doing it. My list of things to do for Mother’s Day will allow mom to let her hair down, and give you some all too infrequent quality time together.

Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Little girl bringing her mom breakfast in bed for Mothers DayWhat to do for Mother’s Day is as easy as spoiling mom with some homemade breakfast in bed and I’ve got just the breakfast package. The Mother’s Day Bacon Sampler from Bacon Freak has everything you need to make you mom’s breakfast in bed experience one she won’t forget.

Each package comes with a package of Boss Hog’s hickory smoked bacon, maple bacon pancake mix with bacon bits, bacon flavored seasoning and a “Keep Calm and Eat Bacon” women’s t-shirt. Simply mix it up, cook it up, and serve it to mom with fresh flowers and orange juice.

Take a Pottery Class Together

Little girl and her mom making pottery together for Mothers DayIf your mom is like most, then the fact that she is so incredibly busy makes what to do for Mother’s Day an even more complicated matter. Try giving mom something that allows her to slow down and take a break from her busy life.

Private pottery classes are a great way to give mom a break, let her relax and have fun, and make time for the two of you to spend together. Xperiencedays.com has a whole list of pottery classes available in different locations so that you can schedule your class whenever is convenient for you. Why not make a day of it and take mom out to lunch too?

Have a Slumber Party

A Family having a slumber party for Mothers DayWhat better way to celebrate mom’s special day than with a good old fashioned slumber party. Make it one on one or something that the whole family can enjoy! If “unique” is your goal for what to do for Mother’s Day, this just might be what you’re looking for.

Start with delicious snacks; no slumber party is complete without some yummy treats! How about some specialty popcorn from EdibleGiftsPlus? They have all kinds of goodies that will satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth. Next, it’s time for the ultimate comfort; new pajamas. Really take mom back with matching pajamas for the whole family. You can surprise her with her gifts in the morning and then party all night.

Get Creative

Family looking at moms photo book for Mothers DaySometimes what to do for Mother’s Day is so simple that you don’t even realize it. One thing that every mom loves is pictures of her family. At Smilebox.com you can put together pictures for mom in a beautiful book that she can keep forever.

Smilebox.com lets you make an online scrapbook out of all those family photos sitting in the hall closet. Arrange the photos in the template of your choice and Smilebox takes care of the rest. Mom gets a printed version to keep on her coffee table and she also receives an online version she can share with her friends and the rest of the family.

Celebrate Her Day

A mother and her daughters celebrating Mothers DayWhat to do for Mother’s day is as easy as celebrating your mom. Choose a special day and register it as your mom’s own day. At MyDayRegistry.com you can choose any day (that isn’t already taken) and turn it into a special day for mom!

You can call the day whatever you like; as soon as you’ve selected and submitted, the day is now a unique holiday just for mom. She receives a certificate of ownership and even a special online profile to show off her dedicated day!

Enjoy a Spa Day

A Mother and daughter having a spa day for Mothers DayWhen trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day, many come to the conclusion they just want to give mom a break. Giving mom a gift certificate to a spa not only allows her to finally take a break, but she gets to spend the day being completely pampered.

Don’t know much about spas? Spafinder.com will give you a list of spas in your area as well as information about what each offers. They make it even easier with a gift card to one specific spa or one that can be used at several spas. The only thing better than a spa day for one is a spa day for two; make it a special day for you and mom!

Wow Her with a Gourmet Meal

Kids making a gourmet meal for their mom for Mothers DayGourmetstation.com made things super easy for you in your quest for what to do for Mother’s Day. Mom deserves a fancy dinner after always being the one to eat burnt toast and leftovers. What better way to say thank you for all those delicious dinners than by spoiling mom with some real gourmet?

Gourmetstation.com allows you to select your mom’s favorite food, and you get to be the star chef in your mom’s thank you dinner. Its easy as 1-2-3… Gourmet Station simply sends you the meal, you heat it up, and serve! Ta Da! You even get to take all the credit- just throw out the packaging before mom arrives for dinner.

Have a Few Laughs

Children and husband laughing with mom for Mothers DayYou know what they say, laughter is the key to happiness. So when trying to come up with what to do for Mother’s Day, why not just make mom laugh? Nothing could be better than a silly magnet to make mom giggle.

Cafepress.com has one of the largest selections of magnets that range from sentimental to laugh-out-loud hilarious. You can never have too many magnets; especially ones like these!

Thank Mom for Everything She Does

Thank you card for Mothers DayInstead of making mom laugh, maybe you’re the type that prefers to make her cry; tears of joy, that is. Kindnotes.com should be on everyone’s list of what to do for Mother’s day- and any other holiday that needs a little sentiment.

Kindnotes.com offers beautiful jars filled with messages of love and appreciation, and they even have a “31 Days of Love for Mom” special Mother’s Day edition. These notes can be opened each day for a month or just whenever mom needs a little inspiration. You can opt to write your own messages or choose from the ready-made sweet sayings.

Have a Tea Party

Mom and daughter having a tea party for Mothers DaySince the days of inviting mom to tea with your favorite dolls and stuffed animals were such fun, maybe what to do for Mother’s Day should be throwing mom a tea party of her own. I’ve picked out a beautiful Winterberry tea set and some wonderful teas to enjoy.

Spend the afternoon sipping on tea and nibbling on crumpets. Make it an elegant affair and dress up, find some cute decorating tips on Pinterest and set-up your living room or backyard for the party. As a special treat, put together little gift bags filled with sweets or a sample of teas for your mom to take home.

Whatever you decide on what to do for Mother’s Day, the important thing is that it’s special and all about mom. You know your mom better than anyone else; choose something that shows her how much you care and really allows her to take a break from everything she does on a daily basis.

Have you figured out what to do for Mother’s Day this year? Or, have you found a Mother’s Day gift that would make any mom go gaga? Please share, we love to hear your ideas!

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