What to Buy for Valentine’s Day

what to buy for valentine s dayWhat to buy for Valentine’s Day is a question that plagues many of us each year without fail and a lot of us don’t have the time to dedicate to searching for what to buy for Valentine’s Day. Candy and a card? A bouquet of carnations? Chances are if you’re on this site, those answers simply won’t do. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day, this is the right spot. We’ve got the best gifts for what to buy for Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s the 411 on Cupid Day gifts for your sweetheart:

Sock It To ‘Em

sock panda club is what to buy for valentines dayIn a loving way, of course! When you’re wondering what to buy for Valentine’s Day, you can’t get much more original than Sock Panda. This subscription service will send your loved one a different set of fun socks each month. This is one gift that continues to give long after the Valentine’s chocolate is gone.

During the ordering process, simply provide Sock Panda with your sweetie’s shoe size. Your honey gets a sock set every month that features a cool design, from bolder graphics to subtler patterns. All socks are made of high-quality material and there will be no duplicates.

Dedicate a Day To That Special Someone

my day registry is what to buy for valentines dayAsk yourself this question: “What memory brings happy tears to my sweetheart’s eyes?” Now you can bring up those happy emotions all through the year with the My Day Registry. When it comes to what to buy for Valentine’s Day, you can’t beat this international registry that grants ownership rights for that special day. So how will you honor your Valentine? Perhaps it will be the day he became “The World’s Best Daddy” or maybe “The Day She Said ‘Yes’.”

After you register the date, you’ll receive a beautiful parchment certificate to give to your Valentine, perfect for showcasing at home or in the office. You’ll also receive a secure online profile where you can easily upload memories, like pictures, video, or music, in a photo album-like format. Friends and family will be able to log on to view and share memories of the special day.

Express Your Love with… Custom Underwear

custom underwear is what to buy for valentines dayDo you and your honey live a little on the wild side? Then the answer to what to buy for Valentine’s Day is clear: custom-designed underwear. Using the online designer at Café Press, you can easily personalize underwear with text, photos, or artwork. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, from black men’s boxers to women’s classic thongs.

This is one Valentine’s gift you’ll have a blast creating! Personalize the underwear by putting a fun wedding photo on a pair of boxers or a naughty sweet-nothing on boy briefs. Or try a favorite movie quote or a pet catchphrase. So how wild will your imagination run?

Show Off the Chains of Love

love necklace chains is what to buy for valentines dayOkay, forget the ball-and-chain jokes. Give your Valentine the gift of a couples necklace and pendant set with an eternal love design. If you want to know what to buy for Valentine’s Day, check out these pendants engraved with the timeless words, “eternal love.” The design features interlocking rings, 3 on each necklace, which can be worn together or separately. While the man’s pendant has a black-tone ring, the woman’s features a gold-tone ring that will coordinate with anything in her wardrobe. Made of modern-looking stainless steel, each piece resists tarnish and corrosion, which means it will last as long as your love.

Eternal love chains are an ideal Cupid Day gift for a loved one who can no longer wear a traditional wedding ring. They’re also a romantic and unique choice for couples who want to marry, but because of finances or other reasons, aren’t able to do so yet.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

photo mosaic is what to buy for valentines dayThe answer to what to buy for Valentine’s Day just got cooler with Canvas Pop. This company takes digital pics and transforms them into a one-of-a-kind photo mosaic. Trained artists digitally analyze and arrange your photos with high-end computer software. The end result is a collage of photos arranged in your choice of sizes.

The hardest part will be deciding which portraits to showcase. Recreate a favorite pic from your honeymoon, wedding, or a fun day you shared. Is the Valentine a mom? There’s no quicker way to bring a joyful tear to her eye than recreating a photo of the two of you by using photos of your children.

Give your romantic partner a gift they’ll remember and cherish. Just say “no” to typical Cupid Day gifts, like flowers or cards. Choosing what to buy for Valentine’s Day is easy when you shop for these one-of-a-kind gifts, from the romance of the My Day Registry to the naughty fun of customized underwear.

Do you have ideas for what to buy for Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment and tell us about it! I love hearing your unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

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