Unique Wedding and Gift Ideas for Gay Couples

a wedding cake with two groomsmenWedded bliss, the emotion of “I do”, the feeling of forever . . . it’s a feeling that so many of us take for granted. When it comes to the exchange of vows, it’s a gift that many gay couples never get to receive. While most states are yet to legalize gay marriage, there are sweet and romantic alternatives for friends and family who are eager to save the day.

If you have a terrific gay couple in your life that is anxious to say “I do”, here are a few unique wedding and gift ideas for gay couples that can help make a wedding day surprise possible for your favorite someones . . .

“I Do” Written in Stone

When it comes to unique ideas for gay couples, MyDayRegistry.com is the perfect fit for bridging the gap between “We can’t” and “We do!” MyDayRegistry allows you to register and own your special day complete with a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity. Start out the beginnings of your surprise wedding by “saving the day” and getting it well on its way to your doorstep just in time for the big day.

Backyard Bliss

While gay couples wanting to marry will face many personal challenges, often unique ideas for gay couples are not needed when it comes to the way you plan the big day. Many times a simple thoughtful tweaking of traditional wedding values will do.

When it comes to picking the location, one of the sweetest places for two to become one is in the comfort of a friend’s backyard. Illuminate low lying oak branches with crisp, white paper lanterns. Liven up chairs with rented chair linens complete with simple, chic bows. Add color to your tables with shortly cut hydrangeas in chic green or vibrant blue. Line the aisle with tea lights hidden within special “tea light” white paper bags. They are both fireproof and illuminate.


Since it can be difficult to find a religious official willing to marry same sex couples, creative and unique ideas for gay couples may be needed. If this turns out to be your dilemma, try one of the following ideas . . .

  • Call up a Metropolitan Community Church. They are often willing to recognize the joining of same sex couples.
  • Go online and find a website that offers ministerial license and have a willing friend apply.
  • Allow the couple’s children to write the “vows”. It will be the sweetest you ever heard.
  • Pick a few friends to officiate each set of vows and make it a family/friend affair.

Carefully Thought Out Keepsakes

When it comes to keepsakes, here are a few of our favorite wonderful and unique ideas for gay couples . . .

  • Assign a techy friend to the job of videotaping special messages from family and friends before the wedding.
  • Give a hometown honeymoon paid and full for a weekend at a local wine resort or a cozy mountain cabin nearby.
  • Create a Start Saving Your Memories Now with scrapbook of the couple’s life together complete with handwritten wishes from family and friends on each page. Leave a few pages blank and slip in a paper that says –

  • “This isn’t where your story ends . . .
    You are forever lovers, friends.
    And we’re so blessed to have opened the door . . .
    To a fairytale of ever after and more.”

While we live in a modern world, unique ideas for gay couples are still needed simply to make that once in a lifetime commitment possible. Our hopes are that someday these hurdles will cease to exist. Until then, let us all be thoughtful, caring friends reaching out where and when we can to make “I do” a foreseeable milestone giving way to happily ever after.

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  2. It’s so nice to be starting to see same-sex marriages as normal. It’s about time. Keep it up!

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