Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

love mom cookies representing unique gift ideas for mothers dayUnique Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t always easy to come by and if you are over the age of twelve, those little Play Dough creations just don’t count as “unique mother’s day gift ideas” any more. I know that all of my readers are busy so that’s why I’m devoting my free time away from the magazine to help you find the most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas out there.

From memory makers to sweet treats, I think you’ll enjoy our unique Mother’s Day gift ideas today. And if you don’t find a gift you like I hope my ideas help you spin unique Mother’s Day gift ideas of your own! Ok . . . ready, guys? Here goes!

Sweet and Saucy

At first glance these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas are sweet . . . but take a closer look and don’t let those feminine colors fool you. This handmade Sugar Skull bag makes perfect unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for that unique mommy on your list!

Write On

For the mother who likes to document her day or doodle a quick drawing before bed, these beautifully crafted journals make wonderful unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for the creative mom in your life. You can even embellish these with their name, date or favorite poetry line to make it more personal.

Delicious Delights

Never get between a momma and her chocolate . . . that’s what I like to say. Chocolate makes great unique Mother’s Day gift ideas because not only do we get to break our diet, we get to blame it on our love for our children “Susie, I had to eat the whole pound of fudge – or else I would have hurt my little Bobby’s feelings.”

Whimsical Wonders

Check out these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas from the Museum of Modern Art. No more crying over spilt milk, this unique bowl makes little messy not only fun but joyfully artistic!

Moments Cherished

One of my favorite all time unique Mother’s Day gift ideas, she can hang this one in her office and even check for words of praise on lunch break! With My Day Registry you can register a special day just for mom and they frame it for free! Plus mom gets a Facebook style web page just for uploading your favorite pictures, videos and memories of yours truly!

I hope you enjoyed our unique Mother’s Day gift ideas today. And hey, if you have any unique Mother’s Day gift ideas of your own please send them my way. I love to hear from my creative readers. You guys are the best! (Even if I’m a little bias.)

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  1. I love the suggestion for something for mom to express her creativity. That is especially true for mom’s that have those hectic days with precious little time to devote time to herself.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all.“;


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