Unique Gifts for a Death in the Family

family members around casketWhen a loved one passes on or there is a death in the family it can seem like our whole world has crumbled to the ground… while we want to shut ourselves out from the world, it is now that we need comfort and the love of friends most of all. If you have recently lost a loved one or you know someone who has we can help you find the perfect unique gifts for a death in the family… we hope they will help you to remember the good times and know that loves lives on.

A Day of Remembrance

a day of remembrance unique gift for a death in the familyThe most unique gifts for a death in the family are those that bring about both remembrance of old wonderful memories and warm thoughts. With MyDayRegistry.com and their beautiful gift packages, you can create a remembrance day and dedicate it especially to the memory of your loved one.

Not only does this gift come with a beautifully framed certificate of ownership to hang on the wall, but also a day no one else can own, it comes with a profile for sharing a few photos, memories and thoughts between family and friends. When you purchase a day, it’s yours… and it promises to bring about a lifetime of memories and joyful remembrance too.

Memorial Angel Water Globe

memorial angel water globe unique gift for a death in the familyThings Remembered carries some of the most unique gifts for a death in the family. When no other gift will do, they have a beautiful knack for helping love live on and memories last forever. These magically memorable memorial angel water globes do just that. Beautiful as a daily reminder of special memories, these globes also have a special place for personalization where you can inscribe your very own wishes, memories or gratitude to a life well lived… but most of all, a life well loved.

Meals on the Mend

sympathy meals unique gift idea for a death in the familyOne of the most unique gifts for a death in the family, this beautifully thoughtful meal certificate allows the grieving family to order the food of their choose for five full days of five star eating… the food simply comes to their door and they heat it up. It’s that simple! These aren’t your average meals either. From lamb and poultry to beef along with gourmet sides this gift offers the present of comfort and relaxation in the time that they need it most.

Garden of Memories

Memorial Heart Stepping Stone unique gift idea for a death in the familyA memorial garden is one of the most unique gifts for a death in the family. Not only does it offer a new beginning, it offers the gift of remembrance upon every walk outdoors. Pick a special spot in the backyard, perhaps what was once their favorite patch of land for reading or sipping iced tea, and cover it with beautiful flowers. Finish it off with a beautiful memory stone and a bench for reflection. It’s a great way to spread a little joy in a difficult time.

Forever In Our Hearts

personalized heart afghan unique gift for a death in the familyPerhaps one of the most unique gifts for a death in the family is those that stem from a place of tradition. This beautiful little Forever In Our Hearts Afghan comes complete with a heartfelt embroidery that reminds of your lost loved one. Wrap it around you and reminisce of all the wonderful times you shared and you’ll be warmed with comfort knowing that their spirit lives on.

We hope that you found some of our unique gifts for a death in the family on our list useful… but most of all we sincerely hope that you know that even when life ends – love lives on eternal.

Prayers and wishes from our families to yours…

Do you know of unique gifts for a death in the family? Please take a moment to tell us about them, I love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Another thought on a unique gift idea is a memorial to your loved one. One that you can share with others to help remember your loved one. WhoPassedOn.com offers a great place for you to create a memorial for your loved ones where friends and family can also view the memorial.

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