Unique Gifts for a Coach

coach giving instructions to his team to represent unique gifts for a coachGreat coaches are the stuff of legends- they make a personal and direct impact on the team they manage. That quality can make finding unique gifts for a coach a tad tricky. After all, great coaches nurture confidence, instill respect, and foster personal development. So when it’s time to give that special person a gift that shows how much you appreciate their time, give one that genuinely matters. Here are the top 5 unique gifts for a coach:

Turn Them into a Bobblehead

personalized coach bobblehead is a unique gift for a coachBobbleheads are fun. Bobbleheads are iconic. Bobbleheads are just plain cool. So when you’re searching for unique gifts for a coach, the team at AllBobbleHeads.com has you covered. Check out their sports bobblehead collection. From storied legends like Knute Rockne to current players like Kerry Collins, you’ll find a great selection of bobbleheads representing various sports.

But to find super-unique gifts for a coach, consider the site’s custom service, which allows you to create a personalized bobblehead. Choose a male or female figure, and then pick options such as skin tone, hair color, and clothing color. They also offer options for glasses, sunglasses, and even tattoos. A customized bobblehead does take 9-12 weeks to produce, so order well in advance.

Throw a Gift Giving Touchdown

personalized coach ball is a unique gift for a coachWhen you need unique gifts for a coach or assistant coach, check out this fully customizable autograph football from Decade Awards. The mid-sized football can be printed with the team name, year, and a message. You can also personalize this special gift with a team photo. But what makes this football so special is that each team member can autograph it and add a message of his or her own. It’s a fun and meaningful way to share memories with the person who’s given so much to the team. Football not their sport? No problem, Decade Awards offers customizable balls for every sport.

Honor Their Accomplishments

a day at my day registry is a unique gift for a coachOne of the most unique gifts for a coach comes from My Day Registry. This service lets you dedicate a day in that special person’s honor. The ideas for this unique gift are almost limitless. You might devote a day in honor of a championship, a milestone win, or an important award (like winning Coach of the Year).

How does My Day Registry work? You specify a day you’d like to dedicate. The day is then registered in the International Date Registry, and the coach will receive a framed parchment certificate certifying that the day belongs to him or her. What’s more, you’ll also receive a secure online profile that’s much like a virtual photo album. Upload photos, video, and music to preserve memories of the team. Share the profile with current and former team members as well as the coach’s family and friends. My Day Registry is definitely one of the most unique gifts for a coach.

Say “Thanks” as a Team

personalized coach frame is a unique gift for a coachThe personalized team roster picture frame from Decade Awards is another one of the top unique gifts for a coach. Available in 2 popular sizes (5” x 7” or 8” x 10”), this wooden frame is laser engraved with the team name, year, team or league logo, and the coach’s name. But what makes this frame special is that it will also be engraved with the team roster. This makes a great personalized gift for coaches and assistant coaches.

Show Coach They’re #1

personalized coach keepsake is a unique gift for a coachPaying tribute to a coach isn’t hard with the personalized keepsake plaque from Personalization Mall. One of the top unique gifts for a coach, the plaque is made from clear Lucite acrylic and measures 6”L x 4.5”H, so it will fit any shelf or desk without taking up valuable space. Customize the keepsake with any title, like #1 Coach, and a 3-line message. Choose one of their message templates or write your own personal sentiment. Gift box options are available for an extra fee, plus express shipping is available for busy last-minute shoppers.

Coaches are a special breed of people, so shower them with your appreciation by choosing one of these unique gifts for a coach. Whether you choose to honor a milestone or championship victory with My Day Registry or immortalize coach in a custom bobblehead, you’ll know you’re giving them a unique gift worthy of their impact.

Do you have ideas for unique gifts for a coach? I’d love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below you might just see your gift idea featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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