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Gift of the Month ClubGentlemen please pay attention… I’m going to let you in on one of those little secrets that we often try so hard to hide. We love to be smothered in unique gifts, indulge ourselves in life’s pleasures and feel appreciated not every now and then, but all the time. We have put together some unique Gift of the Month Clubs that she is going to really enjoy!

This year do yourself a favor and don’t worry about how long it’s been since you took us out to dinner, bought us flowers or made us feel appreciated. We’ve taken the pleasure of putting together a list of the most unique Gift of the Month Clubs that we love, because there fun, sexy, and delicious, but most importantly make us feel appreciated all year round.

Wine of the Month

This is personally my favorite gift of the month club. This was actually my husband’s idea for our 2nd anniversary and since then I’ve enjoyed the Wine of the Month Club so much, that I have been receiving a different bottle of wine every month for the last 6 years. We have turned this into so much more than just a bottle of wine delivered to our door every month. For the last six years we have religiously taken turns coming up with unique romantic dates to go on every month. Sometimes it’s as simple as a bubble bath with fresh rose peddles and sometimes it’s as elaborate as calling in sick to work to take a trip up the coast to find a romantic bluff to have a picnic. I can tell you this from personal experience that the Cheese of the Month Club goes extremely well with this gift idea.

Cheese of the Month

This is one of those unique gift ideas that will undoubtedly impress her this year. It’s so simple and obvious that many of us forget about those little indulgences that make our mouths water. The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club finds those unique, rare and hard to find cheeses that often can’t be found at the grocery store and delivers them right to your door. When’s the last time you enjoyed some oven warmed brie on a sourdough cracker curled up on the couch with a good movie? I guarantee you she will be looking forward to Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club every month all year round.

Chocolate of the Month

Chocolate has been perceived to be women’s best friend since the dawn of time and let me tell you…It’s true! The Chocolate Gift of The Month Club that is sure to make your woman swoon. Gentleman, chocolate has also been shown to increase a female’s sexual prowess and is often referred to as an aphrodisiac. I can’t think of any other Gift of the Month Club that will keep that flame lit all year long for the both of you.

Lingerie of the Month Club

Yes! Believe it or not we probably enjoy lingerie more than you. It makes us feel sexy inside and out and we really love the look on your face when you see us in it. There are a half dozen lingerie Gift of the Month Clubs, but the most unique one that we found not only offers traditional lingerie, but also offers plus sizes and pieces that you didn’t even know existed.

Coffee of the Month Club

Whether it’s our own gourmet coffee from the hills of Columbia or a quick stop at the local Starbucks we need our cup of coffee to get us going too. We enjoy all types of flavors and aromas and get bored of the same tastes day in and day out. So why not get our attention by mixing it up a little this year and joining the gourmet Coffee of the Month Club. Every month we will receive a mouth watering gourmet coffee ranging from the finest of French Vanilla’s to the darkest of Hawaiian Kona’s that gets us thinking about nothing but you every morning.

Flower of the Month Club

Gentlemen… YOU know and WE know that we deserve fresh flowers a lot more often than once a year. You should probably be doing this on a regular basis, so why not do yourself a favor and have them delivered monthly! From sunflowers to roses this unique Flower of the Month Gift Club will keep her looking forward to the smell of you and her fresh flowers ever month.

If you just can’t decide on one or the other I would also recommend taking a look at the Mix and Match Gift of the Month Club, but whichever Gift of the Month Club you do decide on you can rest assured she will be thinking of you all year long.

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  1. An exclusive gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. An expensive gift is not necessarily exclusive!

    Spending lots is the lazy way to impress. Really understanding what she likes and picking something really spot-on is far more time consuming and worth it. There are loads of smaller boutiques and handmade jewellery specialists – many are on the Net – so there’s no excuse for not finding something “exclusive”

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