Unique Gift Ideas When a Loved One Passes

gravestone with flowers growing next to itIf you have ever lost someone truly close to you, you know how heartbreaking it can be and how hard it is to to show your sympathy for others when a loved one passes. Finding the perfect unique gift ideas when a loved one passes can be extremely difficult, but you also know how lifted you can feel when others reach out and unexpectedly show you just how much you mean to them – especially during such a difficult time.

While the pain may not be erased by finding unique gift ideas when a loved one passes, they can help comfort us and make us feel less alone. Here are a few of our favorite unique gift ideas when a loved one passes to honor that lost loved one in your life or a friend’s . . .

Balloon Launch

One of the sweetest and most unique gift ideas when a loved one passes is with a balloon launch. Start out by having many white helium balloons delivered by your local florist to the memorial service. Have plenty of Sharpies or soft paint pens handy. Then have every one write a special memory of the loved one on a balloon. At the end of the ceremony, everyone will release their balloons together and send their memories up to heaven as a special “thank you” for all the wonderful memories.

* Another great variation of this idea is to write favorite Bible verses or prayers for those left behind. Then, send them up to heaven on the wings of an autumn wind.

A Day of Remembrance

My Day Registry is a very special and unique gift idea that allows you to register a special day of remembrance when a loved on passes. When you lose someone that you truly love, it can be difficult to think that life will be going on without them. That’s the beauty of what My Day does . . . it assures us that one day each and every year life will once again be greeted by the smiles and memories of a dear old friend.

When you register your day of remembrance you will receive a beautifully framed certificate of remembrance to display in your home that brings a warm smile and the thought of a fond memory every time you pass by. You also receive a web page especially devoted to sharing memories and photos of that special someone that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Memorial Garden and Stones

When it comes to grieving when a loved one passes, nothing helps quite as much as making positive changes to move forward while still holding onto the past of happy memories and love. A great unique gift idea when a loved one passes and a way to remember old memories and created new ones is by planting a memorial garden in your back yard.

The most unique gift ideas when a loved one passes are those that help us remember old memories still looking forward to new ones and a memorial garden helps us do just that. To complete your special space, purchase a memorial stone to grace the most beautiful area of your new garden.

Whispers in the Wind

Some of the most unique gift ideas when a loved one passes can come from some of the most ordinary places. A beautiful memorial wind chime makes the perfect unique gift idea when a loved one passes and is a great keepsake to remember those who’ve been whisked away on the wings of an angel. To make this gift extra special, write a special little note to go along with this keepsake that explains every time God’s new angel passes by, the wind chime will “sing” a heavenly reminder that all is well in heaven.

Magically Memories

Memory scrapbooks make wonderfully unique gift ideas when a loved one passes. Simply fill each page with a new happy memory, photo or keepsake. Get creative and include dried flowers from grandmother’s garden or clovers from beneath her favorite backyard rocking chair.

Not only do scrapbooks make great unique gift ideas for when a loved one passes, but they also help us begin the healing process, remembering wonderful memories as we create each unique page.

When it comes to finding unique gift ideas when a loved one passes, it’s true that nothing can ever replace the joy that they brought into our loves. However, while we may not be able to fill the void with gifts and words, we can begin to fill that emptiness with the wonderful memories they bring back, the ones that make us feel whole again.

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  1. For cremated ash, you could buy a pendant to put them in. Another way to remember a loved one is to get an engraved pendat with their name or date of birth, something simple.


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