Unique Gift Ideas that are Framed

Framed Gift IdeasDo you know someone who lives to decorate their home but they have almost everything? Unique gift ideas that are framed are a great solution to pleasing the Martha Stewart in your life. From meaningful plaques to beautiful statements of faith and love, I’ve been surfing the web this week to find the best unique gift ideas that are framed for those decorating-bugs in your life.

And this week’s winners are . . .

Personalized Name Frame

This is truly a magical framed gift idea that will follow the recipient throughout their entire lives. It starts with a rectangular frame and matting that is laser etched to spell out the recipient’s name and then photos’ from their childhood or a fun night out on the town are added, creating not only a fun and unique gift, but one that is personalized.

Faith & Family

Christian stores have some of the most unique gift ideas that are framed. Often times you can’t find the same quality or specialty items by simply going out to your local home décor shop. This beautiful frame reminds that “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” Fill the frame with a photo of your family or theirs to top this look off and fill their gift box with wonder!

Celebrating the Day

If you are looking for unique gift ideas that are framed and one of a kind, My Day Registry may have just the thing you need to make their office or living room glow with celebration. In a beautifully framed plaque comes your registered holiday . . . but what does that mean?

My Day is a company who registers any day that is special to you and helps you to make it your own. Best of all, once you register a day it can belong to no one else ever again. It’s all yours and totally unique. You even get a free web page to record data; upload videos, photos and more in regards to your special day.

Share the Wealth

If you’ve been around here much you’ve probably heard me talk about One Share a time or two. One Share is a company who allows you to purchase stock in their favorite brands and frame it beautifully.

I really like One Share for kids because you can buy stock in recognizable brands such as Disney. This is great for instance for the Hannah Montana fan because they get to be a part of the show in a small way and this is really big news for really small ones.

Do it Yourself

Unique gift ideas that are framed do not always have to come from a store. One year I matted and framed a picture that my son drew. The grandparents were in awe with it and he felt like a little Picasso. The key to making this gift turn out right is getting a high quality frame and matting the picture art gallery style. It turns out beautiful every time.

When it comes to unique gift ideas that are framed there are great ideas everywhere. You just have to have the curiosity to get out there and look!

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  1. Really great suggestions, I really like the “Do it yourself” tip. Really good to know what you can achieve with a simple gift idea without spending too much.

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