Unique Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Unique Gift Ideas For Wine LoversWine lovers are a special bunch and are more than just fans of how vintage wines taste. They love the process of collecting rare bottles, housing the bottles for display, and amassing accessories related to their favorite hobby. While most people are under the impression that wine gifts come in the form of, well, wine…I can assure you this is not true. If you are looking for unique gift ideas for wine lovers, you will never run short of choices. Unique gift ideas come in many forms and you can find classic selections that even long time wine lovers will find surprising.

Simple and Elegant

Are you looking for a simple and eye-catching gift idea for a wine lover? Have a dinner party that you have to attend? Maybe you just need a simple unique gift idea to say thank you? If so, you might wish to head over to NoveltyClosure.com as it offers an excellent 3 in 1 gift for wine lovers that are uniquely crafted and designed. The three-pronged gift includes a gift card that wraps around the neck of the bottle with your to write a short personalized message, a bottle stopper that allows the recipient to save that wonderful Merlot for another day, and a unique charm that when placed around the base of your glass ensures that you will find your wine glass sitting exactly where you placed it.

Wine Subscriptions

There are certainly more than a few “Wine of the Month” clubs out there. The way these clubs work is that for set fee, you can send a special wine selection to the intended recipient once a month. The mere fact that a new bottle of wine will be arriving on the 15th of the month is a great gift idea on its own. The added benefit is that some of the selections are supremely unique. Did you know there are unique fruit wines such as blueberry and raspberry? Did you know some smaller wineries make very rare brands? These less well known brands might deliver an unexpected surprise to a true wine fan.

Wine Cork Kits

Some folks like to make their own wine. Of course, the wine bottles need to be corked. So, if the wine aficionado likes to make wine, he or she may like to make their own corks, too. Is it tough to make a cork? Not if you have access to a special wine cork kit. And these cork kits can make for great unique gift ideas for wine lovers.

A Wine Refrigerator

Okay, you are probably saying the purchase of a wine refrigerator is an expensive gift. A full sized one may be but did you know there are mini cooling units designed to hold one or two bottles. Most people don’t which is why such a gift will be a totally unexpected – yet thoroughly appreciated – one.

A Tote Bag

Yes, some of the best gift ideas are among the simplest ones. A tote bag opens the door to carry your wine selections in a manner that prevents the bottles from being cracked or damaged. Plus the bags look pretty good as a fashion accessory!

Wine lovers are not all that difficult to find gifts for. Many look towards a variety of cool wine themed gifts which can make for a great pick. If you look hard enough you will find that it is not that difficult to find a unique gift idea for a wine lover that is unique.

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  1. How about a wine tasting clipboard!!

  2. Bernard Bensussan says

    I was at a party last week and saw a great product but I don’t know how to get it. It looks like a spiral and has flat “slats” that go up like a spiral staircase. Each of the flats have a hole where you can store a wine stopper. It is made of wood and is pretty enough so you can leave it outside and show off your stoppers.
    Where can I find one?

  3. I have a great suggestion for a unique gift idea for wine lovers! Check out my Stiletto Wine stoppers at http://www.hotstiletto.com

    Thank you :o)

  4. Bernard I have a similar problem. I haven’t been able to find a certain wine, Sasyr. Has anybody had any luck finding it? It’s amazing.

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