Unique Gift Ideas For the Kid Who Has Everything

Unique Gift Ideas For the Kid Who Has EverythingHe’s got a XBOX 360 . . . and every accessory known to man. He has the latest in every knick knack every made . . . even if all of them are strolled across the floor. Are there any unique gift ideas left out there for the kid who has everything?

If you have a special “Donald Trump” kind of kiddo in your life, don’t fret. There has to be something they don’t already own right? And our experts have dug up just those “something-s” to beat out the “man, I already have one of those” blues.

Read on to find our favorite unique gift ideas sure to be truly unique . . .

Disney’s Toon Town

The kid who has it all may have lots of technological gadgets but many kids nearing the teen years think they would be “too big” to enjoy this ever budding phenomenon dreamed up by the Disney Studios. But the truth is, once you get in the game you just can’t turn away! In fact, many parents have gone on to say that they find themselves sneaking to get online and live in the world of the toons.

Once online kids will get to create their own toon, defeat cogs who are threatening to destroy the fun of Toon Town and even design their own toon homes. Kids can even come up with unique gift ideas of their own to send to their buddies from the virtual toon catalog.

Create Him His Own Holiday

Looking for unique gift ideas for a nephew who has everything . . . really . . . everything? MyDayRegistry.com offers the purchase of their very own special day complete with certificate of authenticity framed beautifully for showcasing on their favorite wall. The company even assigns them their very own web page to upload photos, share the news of their latest win at the basketball state finals and just about anything their heart desires.

A Night in the Museum

Among the most unique gift ideas we have ran across in quite a while, many museums are offering an overnight adventure right within their walls. The Georgia Aquarium is a favorite among kids in the Atlanta area. They get to sleep right underneath the shark tank while staying safe in dry in the comfort of their sleeping bag. Do him a favor and take a moment to see if your local muesum offers something similiar.

Unleashing the Inner Chef

An old Chinese proverb once said “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Well at the Young Chefs Academy children are given a unique culinary experience where they learn to do just that. This fun and safe program just for kids gives them a hands-on learning experience that encourages their discovery and creativity in the world of cooking. Programs include birthdays where your little one can be “Chef of the Day”, or even Cooking Camps that offer three-hour sessions for three, four or five consecutive days. Whatever program you choose, you can be sure that this academy was created with just kids in mind, meaning kids get to create their own culinary creations and fulfill that old Chinese proverb.

Neopets Neocash

For years many kids have loved playing online in the mystical world of Neopets. While the game itself is free, you can buy gift cards for Neopet’s Cash which is basically virtual money used to buy special powers, cute outfits and other really cool items for your virtual pets.

While unique gift ideas in the virtual arena may seem strange to us adults, today’s modern kid is sure to appreciate this gift . . . look for your thank you card in the mail soon!

When it comes to dreaming up unique gift ideas all it takes is a little trip outside the box. With a little imagination and creativity you can make it a birthday they will never forget!

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  1. Hello Carol,

    This is really a nice article. Well, I am also act like a kid when I see XBOX…I am 24yrs old but still I play games approx. 1hr till date. Even I most like to give GAMES as a gift to kids. I still enjoy my childhood. I am sure that you know everything as you have 3 children.

    Anyways, keep posting great information articles.

    I’ll be waiting for more unique gift articles from you.


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