Unique Gift Ideas for Survivors of Cancer

Searching for unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer? The task is pretty tough – and that’s because those survivors are one tough bunch! Help them showcase their strength and all around inspiring, kick butt mentality with these wonderful gifts that come from the heart and pack lots of cancer-busting muscle!

Celebrate the Date

For cancer survivors, the day they got the news will always be cemented into their minds – and this can be a wonderful thing. One of the best unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer is those that simply celebrate the strength of the survivor. Register that day with MyDayRegistry with a choice of state, national or worldwide recognition – and then take the opportunity to rename the life changing day. Be bold and profess the day “Beth Kicked Cancer’s A*@ Day”! She’ll get a good kick out of it and a wonderful daily reminder from the beautifully framed certificate of registry as she remembers eternally she is strong to the core, an undefeatable opponent . . . and cancer rues the day it messed with her!

Cancer Survivor Hoodie

One of the most unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer and even those still in the battle, you simply can’t go wrong with this eclectic mix of strong and stylish. Perfect for wearing your heart and your courage on your sleeve this comfortable look is great for proclaiming the victory or even for heading to chemo knowing you will eventually be wearing it as a badge of honor healthy and happy.

Cancer Survivor Affirmation Bracelet

Perfect for the tough as nails guy on your list, this rugged cuff will speak volumes of his journey and his strength through it all. Like this bracelet, jewelry will always make great unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer, because it’s something that has eternal shelf life in their wardrobe. It’s something they will turn to time and time again as they head out the door to walk their lab or simply go out for coffee – even on the hard days, that reminder is there if they need it . . . I’m a survivor.

Leather Photo Album

Doesn’t this little photo album look like something out of an Indiana Jones adventure flick? And truly . . . cancer is an adventure. While it’s a balancing act of being pushed to your physical limits and sent rocketing past your emotional comfort zone, something about the journey awakens the survivor in you – and what better way to watch the transformation than with a journey in photographs? From “I can’t fight anymore” to “I fought the good fight and won”; this book serves as the perfect place to display a heart of courage that you admire and watched win the battle.

Survivor Long Sleeve Tee

“Life will knock you down. Get back up.” Who could say it better? Cancer teaches you something powerful when it comes your way – never give up – and this survivor long sleeve tee professes it boldly. One of the most unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer, you can never be too bold in proclaiming your victory. They will wear it with pride . . . because cancer is a tough opponent and kicking its butt into the next dimension deserves some bragging rights!

When it comes to finding unique gift ideas for survivors of cancer – think heartfelt but bold. That’s the way a great gift is found . . . and ironically, the same way cancer is defeated.

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