Unique Gift Ideas for Nurse’s Day

Group of men and women nurses Nurses are often referred to as “angels”—and there’s no surprise as to why. These dedicated women and men deliver experienced and gentle care when we need it the most.

National Nurse’s Day is on May 6, 2013 and it’s the perfect time to show the nurse in your life your appreciation! I’ve gathered some unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day that will show just how much you care. After all, an ol’ present won’t do for an exceptional nurse. Here are my top unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day:

Give Her Some Scrub Appeal

Medical Earrings Gift Idea for Nurses DayScrubs aren’t at the high end of the fashion scale. So spice up their occupation outfit with unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day, like this set of caduceus symbol earrings. The caduceus is a long-used symbol that embodies the medical practices, making these earrings the ideal gift for the nurse you love.

These earrings are 14k yellow gold and will add just the right amount of shine to everyday scrubs. What’s more, the earrings are studs, so they won’t become tangled in hair or get in the way of daily responsibilities.

Share the Gift That Keeps on Ticking

If you live with or love a nurse, you know that time is critical, whether he or she is conducting a test or administering medications. So thank the nurse you love with a personalized nursing watch from Occupation Gifts. It’s one of the top unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day!

This watch is handcrafted with miniatures of a nurse’s hat, stethoscope, and pill bottles next to the watch face. Available in a pink Italian leather band with your choice of gold or silver accents, it features quartz movement. Customize the watch with any name, up to 10 characters, and be rest assured she’ll get plenty of use out of it!

Show Off A Feisty Attitude

License Plate Gift Idea for a NurseDoes a nurse you know have just a little bit of spunk? Then this is one of the unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day that should be on your short-list: a license plate frame from Café Press. Your nurse will get a chuckle or two when she starts driving around town in this frame, which reads “Be Nice to Me. I May Be Your Nurse Someday!”

The frame is made from durable shiny chrome, and the message is a waterproof vinyl decal that is UV and water-resistant. At 12” x 16” it fits on most car makes and models.

Sweeten Him or Her Up with a Cookie Basket

Cookie Basket Gift Idea for Nurses DayIf anyone deserves a yummy treat, it’s a nurse. That’s what makes this cookie gift basket from Cookies in Bloom one of the best unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day. Available in a range of sizes, this basket offers a selection of delicious almond-flavored sugar cookies artfully hand-decorated with decedent butter cream icing.

Cookies are decorated in a variety of nurse-themed designs, including a prescription bottle, a bear nurse, and a prescription pad. The completed arrangement, which is wrapped in gift cellophane and tied with coordinating ribbons, averages about 20” tall, so it’s sure to make an impact when it arrives.

Give Her a T-Shirt with ‘tude

Do you want fun and unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day? You can’t do better than this Café Press nurse t-shirt for ladies. The message reads “Nurse. Don’t mess with me. I get PAID to stab people with sharp objects.” Available in several dark colors and sizes, it’s made of 100% cotton for a comfort she’ll feel all day or all night long.

If you want to add a special something to this gift, pair it with the matching thermos bottle from Café Press. These unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day are sure to be a hit with the nurse in your life.

The nurse you love deserves more than a ho-hum gift. Give them something that shows how much you appreciate everything they do for their patients. Whether you choose the “Be Nice to Me…” license plate cover or the delectable cookie basket, these unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day are sure to put a smile on his or her face. May 6th is fast approaching—so start shopping!

Do you have unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day, or for the nurse in your life? Please share! We love hearing your career gift ideas!

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