Unique Gift Ideas for Lesbian Couples

two woman with hearts representing unique gift ideas for lesbian couplesWhen it comes to finding unique gift ideas for lesbian couples it can be really tricky finding the perfect present that says just what you want to say . . . especially when you are buying for lesbian couples. While it is not more difficult per say, it does often take a little more thoughtful consideration to make sure that you are giving a gift that can be enjoyed by both women.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect unique gift idea to celebrate that terrific twosome in your life, here are a few of our favorite unique gift ideas for lesbian couples sure to leave them with a heart filled with happiness and a mouth filled with gratitude.

Sail Away

unique gift ideas for lesbian couples cruise vacation It’s ships ahoy with an affordable cruise from Booking Buddy. With more than 15 major destinations including tropical paradises, glacier adventures and glamorous cities, you can’t go wrong with any one of these wonderful excursions. Unique gift ideas for lesbian couples never sounded so wonderful as a first class afloat vacation. If you want to see the lesbian couple in your life glow with a radiance of relaxation and joy, gift them a magical weekend of onboard spas, adventurous activities, dining with the finest chefs and enjoying some of the biggest names in entertainment. On second thought, you may want to book an extra ticket for yourself.

Makeover Spa Mania

unique gift ideas for lesbian couples spa makeoverOne of the most unique gift ideas for lesbian couples is a present that allows them both to feel great about themselves. Help them bring back the magic and remember the days of fun and glamour. Book two separate appointments at a local hair salon and manicure center. When the day is done, offer to keep their kids while they journey off on a night out on the town looking and feeling fabulous, sporting those new looks provided by none other than you!

My Day Registry

unique gift ideas for lesbian couples dedicated day at my day registryGive the gift that comes from the heart. Since many lesbian couples aren’t given the option of wedded bliss due to their state’s laws, many miss out on the beauty of “I do.” But with My Day Registry, you can turn “we can’t” into “I do” in one wonderful, heartfelt gesture. Offering one of the most unique gift ideas for lesbian couples, My Day Registry allows you to register a very special day. For instance you can choose from state, national and international “holidays” to be dedicated especially to the twosome in your life. Every registered owner receives a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity along with a web page dedicated to that special couple in your life where they can upload photos and journal entries and more.

Hot Tip: Make this gift even more special with a surprise wedding. Cater the day to the day of the wedding. It may not be a marriage license but it will mean just as much.

Hers and Hers Snuggly Bears

unique gift ideas for lesbian couples build a bearSome of the most unique gift ideas for lesbian couples are often traditional ideas that are simply tweaked with fun and thoughtful consideration. Build a Bear Workshop offers up some beautiful “bride” bears. They even have bear wigs to make for the perfect mini-version of each woman. Buy two special bears and have them mailed to the couple’s doorstep. They are sure to get a heartfelt giggle from this sweet surprise and a snuggly buddy to cuddle up to during scary movies.

Dancing Delight

unique gift ideas for lesbian couples danceIn today’s rushed and hurried world, it can be difficult to find the time to truly enjoy life. Today’s modern lesbian couples are mothers on the run, business women on the go and all around busy women who have little time for themselves. That’s why any type of lessons the two can enjoy together make such wonderful and unique gift ideas for lesbian couples. Dance lessons are perfect for the couple with little time for romance. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Even after the lessons are up, they can take a twirl around the living room while the kids nap or use their light-footed skills to paint the town red.

When it comes to unique gift ideas for lesbian couples, often times, traditions are not to be cast away so quickly. With a little thoughtful consideration and a slight tweaking with their unique relationship in mind, you can give a gift that speaks to the heart, warms the soul and brightens the spirit year after year after year.

What’s your favorite unique gift ideas for lesbian couples? Please share, I’d love to hear them!

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