Unique Gift Ideas for Gay and Lesbian Couples

rainbow colored umbrellaDo you ever have difficulty finding unique gifts for your gay friends, their partners, or their special ceremonies? Or are you the type that always wants to find the most unique gifts, come across as the most thoughtful guest at the party and totally wow your friends – all while staying on budget? If you aren’t gay or lesbian yourself sometimes it can be difficult to find unique gay and lesbian gift ideas for close friends or family.

Here are a few of our favorite unique gay and lesbian gift ideas, some simply great for anyone, others specifically catered to gay and lesbian couples and families . . .

Save the Day

dedicate a day unique gift idea for gay and lesbian couplesIs there a couple in your life so in love that they put Romeo and Juliet to shame? Although gay marriages are still on the forefront of change, many find it arduous to give them something that is memorable and diverse while preserving purity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a small part of making a lifelong wish come true?

My Day Registry is one of the most sentimental and unique gift ideas for a gay and lesbian couples; it’s the kind of unique gift that goes straight to the center of the heart. At MyDayRegistry.com, you can register a special day and have it dedicated to the special couple in your life. They receive a framed certificate as proof of ownership and can even create an online profile to upload photos, music and video. You can make this gift even more special by greeting the couple with a surprise wedding at a mutual friend’s house. Decorate with vibrant handpicked flowers, beautiful paper lanterns and let the stars do the rest to create an evening they will never forget. Then have each guest write a special wish for the couple on their personal website so they will forever have the memories of their special day!


drinking glasses unique gift idea for gay and lesbian couplesThe love that the special couple in your life shares is worth celebrating, and a “cheers” is in order. That’s why CafePress’ gay and lesbian collection of drinking glasses is the perfect gay and lesbian gift idea! There are several gay and lesbian designs especially made for that unique couple and are available on drinking glasses, steins, and even shot glasses. So here’s to the gay or lesbian couple in your life… may they live a long and happy life!

Couples Spa Action

couples massage massage unique gift idea for gay and lesbian couplesMany of the best gay and lesbian gifts are those that create special moments where the two can unwind and simply be. Many of today’s modern couples are going the extra mile with family PTA, coaching the little league soccer team, dishing up the perfect Monday morning presentation and still trying to find the time to remember “me and you” time. A couple’s spa day is just the thing for that couple who seems to be always on the go.

Cute Spin on Old Favorites

his and his towels unique gift idea for gay and lesbian couplesIf you are searching for unique gay and lesbian gifts, sometimes the best places to look are strangely in the most traditional of places. Put a cute spin on a beautiful towel set marked “His” and “His” for a sure-fire smile waiting to happen.

Night on the Town

date night unique gift idea for gay and lesbian couplesIn an ever unstable economy like ours, it can be difficult for couples to find the extra dough to paint the town red. One of the most common misconceptions about gay and lesbian gifts is that they always have to be unique. Sometimes, things can be over-thought when you have different lifestyles than your friends. Often times, something you would like is something that they would like too. Keep it simple with a sure-fire success like a gift card from Restaurant.com to the couple’s favorite restaurant and offer to keep their children while they enjoy their dinner alone.

When it comes to choosing unique gay and lesbian gifts, it’s just like choosing any other gift for any other special someone in your life . . . when you think and give from the heart you simply can’t go wrong.

A Special Thanks to Alex for his insight on this article!

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  5. Great ideas. I myself have been designing unique gifts for gays and lesbians which can be personalised because I think the existing gift market for this group is fairly dull and needs some life injecting into it! I think everyone assumes they want something that is crude and rude and in your face, rather than charming, chic and fun. The latter is where I hope to assist! Great post as always Carol Ann. Leah x

  6. My partner got me a glass rainbow sundial that she found somewhere online, and she had them put a date line on it that the time shadow follows on the day of our anniversary every year. It sits on the window sill in our sunroom and makes beautiful rainbows every sunny day. What a creative clock idea for our first anniversary…I loved it!

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