Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

father and son with matching shirts to represent unique gift ideas for fathers dayUnique gift ideas for Father’s Day can be super frustrating to come by when Daddy Day approaches and you get a complete brain freeze when it comes to gift ideas for dad. Coming up with unique gift ideas for your father doesn’t need to drain your brain, however. I’ve searched the top gift websites to help busy shoppers find the perfect present for this year’s Father’s Day on June 17th. So, without further ado, here are my favorite unique dad gift ideas:

Give Dad The World

scratch off world map unique gift idea for fathers dayOr a really cool map of it, at least. Does Daddy have travel in his bones? Is Grandpa a recent retiree with dreams of seeing the world? Then it’s time to give him the world this Father’s Day, literally. Check out the Scratch-Off Travel Edition Map from Unique Vintage. One of the most unique gift ideas for Father’s Day, this miniature map is perfectly sized for travel so he can keep a log of his journeys. When he makes a stop, he’ll scratch off the gold foil over the location to reveal a wonderful world underneath. The reverse side features a plain map so your dad can plot the route and take notes. Between trips, the map can be displayed in his favorite spot, like an office where dad can show off his unique gift.

Indulge His Inner Couch Potato

potato chip of the month club unique gift idea for fathers dayWhether dad is a couch potato or simply prefers a good gourmet snack, these unique gift ideas for Father’s Day are just for him. The Potato Chip of the Month Club from the Month Club Store offers a monthly delivery of yummy, but sometimes hard to find, potato chip brands. Each month, your special dad will be treated to about 2.5 lbs of gourmet chips from small regional cookers making him feel like Father’s Day is year round. Selection and sizes vary, so he’s sure to get a crunchy surprise when he opens the shipment each month.

Let Him Have A Ball

photo golf balls unique gift idea for fathers dayUnique gift ideas for Father’s Day don’t come any more fun than the gifts from Personalization Mall. These one-of-a-kind golf balls will have any dad touched you added a little pizzazz to his ordinary rounds of golf. Grab a photo of the kids and the ball will be personalized with the the picture and a message you choose, whether it’s “Have a Ball on Father’s Day” or “FORE-Grandpa”. The golf balls come in a set of a dozen so dad will be ready to hit the green. No matter how you customize the golf balls, you can be sure that he won’t receive this unique gift from anyone else.

Dedicate A Day To Dad

dedicate a day with my day registry unique gift idea for fathers dayWhether you’re honoring a grandfather or a dad-like mentor, you know he’s invested countless hours caring for his family. So when it comes to unique gift ideas for this Father’s Day, you’ll want to check out MyDayRegistry.com. On this unique site, you’ll be able to dedicate a day to him via their worldwide database. The date you choose is entirely up to you; it might be when he first became a father, his own birthday, or even this Father’s Day!

The date you choose will be memorialized in a framed parchment certifying his special ownership. Dad will also receive a shareable online profile, where you can upload special memories, from his own childhood photos to video of him playing catch with the kids. MyDayRegistry.com is a thoughtful and distinctive way to honor any father figure who’s raised a family, overcome adversity, or lived a meaningful life.

Bless Dad With A Beer Bonanza

beer kit unique fathers day gift ideaIf Dad considers beer the nectar of the gods, I’ve got two unique gift ideas for Father’s Day right up his alley. At MrBeer.com, you’ll find all the home brew supplies he needs to craft his own personal beer. The site offers 3 beer kit varieties, from deluxe to a gold. Each kit comes with everything he’ll need, including a DVD with instructions.

custom beer labels unique gift idea for fathers dayAdd to the brewing fun with personalized bottle labels from MyOwnLabels.com. Choose from their label templates or add your own custom art with a special “Happy Father’s Day”. Each label is made from high-quality paper and is a cool way to show off dad’s home brew efforts. For a Father’s Day gift he’ll love to show off, frame one of the personalized bottle labels for dad to hang up at home or office.

Gift idea brain freezes stop right here. Whatever you choose to give him on June 17th, from a home brewing kit with personalized labels to a day that’s exclusively his via MyDayRegistry.com, unique gift ideas for Father’s Day will show him how much you appreciate everything he’s sacrificed over the years for his family or community.

Do you have unique gift ideas? Please share! We love to hear your ideas! You never know, you may just see it featured in the next gift article!

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