Unique Gift Ideas for Easter

Unique Gifts for EasterUnique gift ideas for Easter are hard to come by. Because the holiday lends itself to so many chocolate bunnies and useless doodads, Easter often gets overlooked when it comes to gifting. Easter happens to be one of my favorite holidays, and ipso facto I really enjoy and even consider it the best holiday for gift giving!

My mom was a very religious person so when we were children I remember her trying to come up with unique gift ideas for Easter. She made it a point to get something for everyone in our family, including neighbors since she enjoyed celebrating it so much. She thought it was a very special day, even better than Christmas . . . maybe that’s what made me love it so much.

I’m voting that we make this special day once again a fun gift giving holiday so this week I’ve come up with a few unique gift ideas for Easter to get you started. Read on to find my favorites!

Giant Easter Cookie

unique gift idea for easter giant cookie Easter baking just got a little easier and whole a lot fancier with this unique gift idea for Easter. Ediblegiftsplus.com offers a freshly baked and hand-decorated Giant Easter cookie with festive designs including the Easter bunny, Easter chicks, and of course a “Happy Easter!” to complete the creative edible. This makes a unique Easter treat, that your sweeties will surely be sweet on!

Easter Bunny Treat Plate

unique gift idea for easter bunny treat plateRemember how excited you used to get the night before Easter? Well, if you were anything like me as a kid, you couldn’t sleep that night and were up and Adam Easter morning excited to see what the Easter Bunny left you. Of course, let’s not forget the Easter Bunny works up an appetite hiding all those Easter eggs which makes this unique gift idea for Easter absolutely perfect!

You’ve heard of Santa treat plates with cookies and milk. Well, this is an Easter Bunny plate you can dish up with Peeps and Jelly Bellies, or if your Easter Bunny is a health nut, add some carrots. Whatever you choose to dress it up with, the plate itself is the real treat! It can be personalized with your children’s names so your kids can rest assure the Easter Bunny knows how many eggs and baskets to leave. Kids and parents alike are sure to love this adorable gift!

Some Bunny Loves Me

unique gift idea for easter some bunny love me pajamasSome of the most unique gift ideas for Easter are those that come in comfort and cozy style like these adorable pajamas. The pajama top comes in the oh so cute white and the bottoms, a pretty pink plaid, with the option to get them in black. Sure kids get the baskets and eggs… but mom should at least get to join in on the Easter fun and feel like “some bunny loves her” with these Easter pj’s.

Quiet Bunny

unique gift idea for easter quiet bunny bookBooks make great unique gift ideas for Easter especially those with a sweet twist. In Lisa McCue’s Quiet Bunny book kids with speech problems will feel comforted by this sweet character who wishes he could make sounds like the other animals in the forest. In the end he learns that he has his own unique sound to add to the mix.

Unique gift ideas for Easter like this one are as cute as they are functional. This book actually helps kids practice sounds all while having a bunny good time!

My Day

unique gift idea for easter my dayUnique gift ideas for Easter take some thinking outside the box and in this case, the holiday. At My Day Registry you can create your very own “holiday” simply by registering a special day within their International Registry. Once you do, you can name the day for anything you like and it becomes “your day”! That’s right, no one else can register for that day, making it the perfect special something for your special somebody.

Do yourself a favor this year and get into the spirit of Easter! Reminisce in some old Easter memories and create some new ones by giving one of these unique gift ideas for Easter! I’m positive you’ll enjoy it so much that it will become a tradition in your household, just like it did for me.

Do you have unique gift ideas for Easter of your own? Send them my way! I’d love to hear them and you never know… you may just see them in my next Easter Gifts article!

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