Unique Gift Ideas for Celebrities

Unique Gift Ideas For a CelebrityWhether that special person you are buying for is a celebrity with everything you can possibly imagine or just an everyday friend, a celebrity in their own right, with all the money in the world – it can be difficult to buy for the person who has it all. If you have found yourself in the same predicament, here are a few unique gift ideas for celebrities . . . and all of those you simply deem to be famous for having the whole world in the palms of your hands.

One of a Kind Day

The greatest unique gift ideas for celebrities. . . MyDayRegistry.com offers the creation and ownership of a special day in the state, national or international “holiday” registries. This holiday comes complete with a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity and even a web page perfect for blogging all about their lives. Best of all, once a day is taken . . . it’s taken and it’s truly one of a kind – so you are sure to be giving a gift that is truly unique and will surely grace the likes of their favorite wall forever!

One of a Kind Art

Another of our favorite unique gift ideas for celebrities comes without the risk of there being a duplicate already in their home. Commission a local artist to paint a special piece of art just for that celebrity in your life. For the modern celeb in your life, visit local metal yards in search of “trash to treasure” pieces. You would be simply amazed at the quality of these pieces and what can be created from things that were once thrown out by someone else. You know what they say; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

One of a Kind Jewelry

If you are a crafty person, one of the most unique gift ideas for celebrities is one of a kind couture. But let’s face it. Often times, couture is duplicated and a one of a kind fashion often doesn’t stay one of a kind for long. Find a great beaded creation by whatever inspiration vibe you’re feeling. Here you can buy all kinds of bracelets, necklaces, and pendants to fit your style. Trend setters like Orlando Bloom and Heidi Klum are sporting their celebrity style with these truly unique and personal jewelry pieces.

One of a Kind Fashion

One of the most unique gift ideas for celebrities is those that can be worn in front of the camera. The paparazzi are always out to snap that perfect picture that catches them off guard. So why not give the gift of one of a kind chic that is simple and comfy yet paparazzi ready? That’s what Custom T Couture offers. I was pretty amazed when I stumbled across this site. You can create similar threads to Ed Hardy, Mark Ecko, and Calvin Klein for a one of a kind couture complete with fine Swarovski crystals, couture quality beading and modern graphics. This gift is sure to be an instant catwalk hit!

When it comes to unique gift ideas for celebrities, it can be tough to find that one of a kind gift . . . and sometimes, you might just not find that one thing they don’t have. But that’s ok too. Because when you give from the heart, celebrity or no celebrity, it is sure to be well received with a heartfelt smile and a mouth filled with gratitude.

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  1. Hi carol ann huntington 🙂

    You are really created a nice blog about unique gift ideas. Thank you keep posting gift ideas like this.

  2. Andrew Ames says

    Nice ideas Carol. I like the idea of every friend being a celebrity – because they are! Personalised gifts are also good because the personal touch gives the gift a sentimental value.

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