Unique Gift Ideas for Adoptive Parents

parents with their adopted daughter representing unique gift ideas for adoptive parentsSearching for unique gift ideas for adoptive parents? Finding the perfect gift can be tough– perhaps that’s because the journey of adoption is such a truly heartfelt and emotionally driven event… thus, maybe we simply know that an average gift just won’t say what needs saying.

With this in mind, we went on a search for the best of the best… and we think they stand out above all the rest. We hope they will help you say those perfect words to the adoptive parents that abide not only in your life but in your heart.

Journey Life Ring Bracelet

journey life ring bracelet adoption giftOne of the most unique gift ideas for adoptive parents is those that speak to the spirit. Adoption is not only an often physical journey to other lands, it is also a journey of the heart and no one understands this better than adoptive parents. Beautifully engraved and wonderfully designed, this exquisite bracelet shines with an infinite message of heart ties… those between the adoptive parents, the birth mother and the child. Give this gift to an adoptive mommy in your life or if you are an adoptive mommy, give thanks this year for the birth mother of your special someone. She’ll never forget it.

Love that Grows

commemorative plantable arrival day tree adoption giftJust like seeds, love grows – day by day and year to year ever shooting towards the sun… and that is just the idea behind this lovely gift. One of the greatest unique gift ideas for adoptive parents, this little “tree” is bio-degradable, filled with seeds and can be planted on adoption day to grow in their backyard as their child grows- a constant reminder of love that springs eternal.

Journey Life Ring Necklace

journey life ring keepsake necklace adoption giftThe perfect companion to the journey life ring bracelet but equally as brilliant alone, this beautiful necklace is perfect for the hip adoptive mom in your life. Dressing up even the simplest tee and jeans, this darling piece is as heartfelt as it is stylish. Inscribed “The journey of many hearts now beat as one– let the whisper of your heart guide you”, this necklace is sure to make it to the top of their jewelry box and the depths of their heart all at once.

Father and Son Plaque

adoptive father and son plaque adoption gift What unique gift ideas for adoptive parents come from Many Hearts One Beat and their brilliant design team! This lovely father and son plaque celebrate the bond that love creates. Help the special dad in your life celebrate the bond of father and son with this beautifully framed plaque that serves as a reminder that true family is not born but created by love.

Honor the Day

my day registry dedicated day adoption gift When you just aren’t sure what to give or when you want to give to the family as a whole, My Day Registry has some of the best alternative unique gift ideas for adoptive parents. Register the day of adoption or the day of the child’s birth– even the day that the couple first made their trip to see their future child. Not only will the parents receive a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity but also a spot on the world wide web where caregivers, birth parents and other friends can keep up with the child’s growth, see family photos and even uploaded videos for just saying “Hi.” Sweetly, just as their child is one of kind, you can be sure that the day is too. Once a day is registered– it’s gone for good. So get the one you want fast.

When it comes to unique gift ideas for adoptive parents, remember, when you come from the heart you can’t go wrong. Whether you choose from our list or go out on your own limb, when love is behind the thought– it will always count.

Do you have unique gift ideas for adoptive parents? Please share! I love to hear your ideas! You never know, you may just see it featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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