Unique Gift Ideas for a Stressed Wife

Unique Gifts for a Stressed WifeI am the consummate overachiever. I work a day job, find time to write in my spare time, raise children, create an occasional meal, and am active in my community. I volunteer, check on my neighbors, and show up at PTA meetings. In short, I’m a lot like most American women, and though I may not always look it, you can bet on most days that I’m hiding the amount of stress I feel pretty well…except for the days I don’t hide it well at all. That’s why I’m the perfect person to give you some unique gift ideas for a stressed wife. If you’ve picked up on the fact that your wife’s busy schedule is taking a toll and are looking for unique gift ideas for a stressed wife, then chances are you’ve caught her on one of those days when she’s not hiding the stress well either. If you want to know how to make her day a bit brighter and alleviate some of the tension she feels, here are some gift ideas that you need to check into:

A Candle with a Conscience

Pure Integrity Candles are not only beautiful, they have aromas that will make you melt. A candle is a romantic and thoughtful gift, and she’ll love the fact that you took the time to find one that burns cleanly and doesn’t emit the same toxins that most do. Choose a lovely candle infused with her favorite scent, or opt for lots of gorgeous tealights that will add character and beauty to her favorite space. They’re perfect to surround a bath or add some romantic fun to a boudoir. She’s bound to love the gesture and you’ll be giving her a reason to let all her friends know you’re the best spouse in the entire world.

A Dinner to Die For

Buying and preparing the perfect meal is a wonderful way to show your wife you care. Take the task away from her for a single night and create a meal she’ll never forget. Even if you aren’t a five star chef, it’s actually quite easy. Gourmet Station provides a fine dining experience for your home… all you really have to do is answer the door and follow a few basic instructions. Choose from five wonderful meals, gift packaged, and easily prepared. You can do this! Gourmet Station can help.

Trimming Stress and Fat

Treat your wife to improving her health in more than one way by gifting her sessions with a personal trainer from Great American Days. Now your wife can work up a sweat instead of getting worked up. The best part is that melting stress and inches will give her the best gift of all… good health! Great American Days also provides a host of other exceptional experiences… it’s as easy as purchasing a gift certificate online that can be redeemed anytime.

An Unforgettable Adventure

Wisk your wife away on the vacation of a lifetime. iExplore will help you choose the most wonderful sites at the destination of your choice to ensure a that your itinerary is packed with fun and a provides unique travel experience that is bound to be life-changing. Choose an exotic region and exciting activities for a rare experience that you’re both bound to enjoy immensely.

High Tech Tranquility

Mind Place develops light and sound technology that allows consumers to become aware of their responses to stress, explore their states of consciousness, and enjoy a deeper sense of tranquility through the use of high tech gadgets that gauge and guide. If you’re looking for something unique — and perfect — this may be it.

You’re already attuned to your wife’s level of stress. I applaud you for it. Now, do something good for you both, and give her a gift that will help relieve the stress and ease her mind. She’ll love you all the more for your thoughtfulness.


  1. I understand you so much…. Always tired without any surprises… Nice ideas, but how to make my husband to realize these ideas…

  2. wow, fabulous gift ideas… just hope i am lucky enough to get one of those from my husband 😉

  3. I have a Unique Gift Idea for a Stressed Wife!

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