Unique Gift Ideas for a Stock Broker

Unique Gift Ideas for a Stock BrokerFrom closing the deal to watching the clock . . . Wall Street wonders have a lot on their plate and they might just need something to remind them of all the hard work they do . So in honor of all those hard working guys and gals who make the bids, take the calls and hopefully the big bucks too – this week I’m looking at the most unique gift ideas for a stock broker.

Whimsical Ties

Who says that professionals have to be stuffy and uptight? These whimsical unique gift ideas for a stock broker prove just the opposite! Put one of these ties on beneath that fitted jacket for a hint of your own personal style or sense of humor.

Deal Making Days

Pay homage to the day that they closed the big deal or sold that expensive stock just before it plummeted . . . no matter what you want to celebrate, My Day Registry can help. Register the date of your choice with their World Registry and the date is yours . . . there can be only one owner per date. (Talk about a monopoly!) You’ll receive a certificate of authenticity for their office along with a web page perfect for keeping up with all their latest deals and steals.

Stock to Go

Own a little piece of E-Trade with Oneshare.com where stocks are easy as one, two, three. These unique gift ideas for a stock broker are perfect for the friend who wants to say thanks for all those helpful stock hints they get over Sunday dinner!

Wall Wonders

Give thanks with these elegant unique gift ideas for a stock broker from Asimplertime.com. These stamp sets are as fun and interesting as they are colorful and decorative. They won’t be able to wait to hang these up in their office!

Happy Ending

Choose one of these unique gift ideas for a stock broker to dress up their favorite reads and sit proudly on their book shelf. A step away from the ordinary, these gifts are sure to bring a smile and conversation to every meeting.

Bet On It

Chances are your stock broker is a gambler. Which means they’ll love receiving this poker chip set. In fact, I’ll bet his first call is to thank you for the unique gift and then invite you over for a poker game to try it out. If he is anything like my husband, he’ll be thrilled for a chance to play some cards with his best buds; lucky you, you just became one.

Fancy Fingers

Fancy pens make for fancier days . . . and they make unique gift ideas for a stock broker that is traditional but still wonderful. Pen sets just aren’t thought of as often as they used to be so sometimes a step back in time can lend itself to making a real, unique statement in today’s world.

Unique gift ideas for a stock broker are not always easy to find . . . but the hunt is so much fun! If you know of any unique gift ideas for a stock broker won’t you send them my way? I’d love to hear your ideas and I depend on you, my wonderful readers, for inspiration!

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  1. This is really nice gift idea.

  2. What about an iPad if they don’t already have one. Would love to receive one for a gift.

  3. How about a custom made bobblehead?
    Doesn’t it sound like a good idea?


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