Unique Gift Ideas for a Nurse

Unique Gift Ideas for NursesTaking care of sick people around the clock is no easy job. Add the constant we need you over here… we need you now pressure and it becomes very apparent just how special nurses are. That’s why when I heard National Nurse Appreciation Day was coming up, I knew I had to find unique gift ideas for a nurse.

I’ve scoured the internet to find unique gift ideas for a nurse and came up with a list that would make any care taker smile. So whether a nurse cared for you while you were in the hospital, or is there for you on a daily basis, I’ve got the perfect gift for him or her:

An Apple A Day…

Healthy Club of the Month Gift Idea for a NurseThe best unique gift ideas for a nurse are those which honor the nursing profession. Day in, and day out nurses do check ups and make sure people maintain a healthy lifestyle. What better way than giving your nurse a healthy food of the month club subscription! You can buy a one time gift box, or 3 to 6 month subscription where healthy treats are sent directly to their door.

Healthofthemonth.com offers all kinds of healthy goodies including healthy snacks, gourmet foods and you can even get heart healthy or gluten free foods! Let’s face it with nurses working long hours and constantly being on the go, they often have to resort to the unhealthy options at the vending machines. Help them be energized and promote health through example with a healthy food month of the club subscription!

Daily Dose

My Day Registry Gift Idea for a Nurse One of my all time favorite unique gift ideas for a nurse is hands down dedicating a special day to someone. Simply stop by MyDayRegistry.com, register a special day and dedicate it to your favorite nurse. It’s that simple! What a great way for everyone at the office to give their gratitude for years of service or for a patient to say “Thanks for caring.”

This unique gift idea for a nurse comes with a framed certificate of authenticity, along with a profile dedicated to words of gratitude, photos, and video of your nurse that can shared with patients and family members alike. With My Day Registry you can show a nurse your appreciation for just how wonderful he or she is!

Doggie Howser

Dog Flower Arrangement Gift Idea for a Nurse1800Flowers.com has created one the cutest unique gift ideas for a nurse. From their a-dog-able collection comes this doggie doctor who is sure to bring a smile to any nurse’s face. Made with fresh white carnations, vibrant poms, solidago and waxflower, this medical pup will brighten a room with its beauty and dazzle your nurse with its charm.

As an added bonus, send this darling dog bouquet to the hospital while your special nurse is at work, so the whole hospital can see the unique gift idea for a nurse you came up with!

Nurse Appeal

Personalized Clipboard Gift Idea for a NurseNurses are known for their studious note taking and keeping organized with their trusty clipboard. Now you can turn that rusty piece of office supplies into unique gift ideas for a nurse with personalized clipboards from Personalization Mall.

Choose your nurse’s favorite color as the background and then add up to three lines of personalized script. You could add the nurse’s name and department, or you can have a little fun and inscribe a funny saying the two of you share to keep her smiling while she works.

But wait! What other item does your nurse use all day everyday while working? Why pens of course (and needles!) Make your favorite nurse feel extra special with these syringe shot ink pens, the perfect addition to a personalized clipboard! A match made in heaven for unique gift ideas for a nurse.

Bedside Manner

Prayer Throw Gift Idea For A Nurse Strength and making a difference are virtues nurses hold dear to their heart. So why not celebrate them with unique gifts for a nurse and give them this beautiful nurse’s prayer tapestry throw.

This lovely gift can add a nice decorative touch to your nurse’s living room, or can be used to get cozy in bed. Either way they are sure to adore this unique gift that is made especially for a nurse.

Unique gift ideas for a nurse aren’t that difficult to come by when you step into their orthopedic shoes. With a little time and thoughtful consideration you can find a gift with the perfect amount of adorability and function all without breaking a sweat, or raising your blood pressure.

Do you know of any unique gift ideas for a nurse? I’d love to hear them! You never know, they may just wind up on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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