Unique Gift Ideas for a Little Princess

gift ideas for a princessAh, little princesses . . . perfectly sweet and irresistibly cute – yet somehow horribly difficult to buy for! When it comes to these little prima donnas in our lives, the key to creating the perfect gift begins in “royal thinking”. From beds fit for a queen to official days perfectly praising “all hail the princess”, here are our favorite unique gift ideas for a little princess that you adore to worship . . .

Princess Castle Wall Mural

Once upon a time, in a bedroom far, far away, there lived a little princess who slept in perfectly glamorous luxury. One of the best unique gift ideas for a little princess in your life, a princess castle wall mural is perfect for adding that little touch of happily ever after to everyday living. She’ll love dressing up in her most glittery of ensembles for a day of pretend play beneath her very own castle on a hill.

All Hail “Princess Anna” Day

Come one – Come all to the Princess Perfect Ball. With MyDayRegistry.com and their unique gift ideas for a little princess who deserves all your adoration, you can give the gift of royal treatment. With MyDayRegistry, you can purchase a holiday from the world registry complete with a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity. You even get a special web page where friends and family can come and pay their respects, curtsies and bows to the reigning princess. Make these unique gift ideas for a little princess extra fun by letting her dress up in her princess garb every year on her special day and giving her the royal treatment with a “ball” for all her closet friends . . . or stuffed animals.

A Bed Fit for a Queen

Check out this bed fit for a queen . . . but perfectly sized for a princess of shorter stature. One of the most unique gift ideas for a little princess are those that make her feel primped and proper all while offering a little added bonus for none other than the King and Queen. With this adorable yet still wonderfully inexpensive princess bed, your little one will be anxious to get to bed every night. How about that for the royal treatment, parents?!

Princess Welcome Mat

One of the best little unique gift ideas for a little princess? A self proclaiming mantra to “all hail the princess!” These adorable, personalized welcome rugs are perfect for reminding little brothers that “all who enter here” are at the mercy of big sisters!

Throne Living

Whether she’s watching Barbie the Movie for the seven hundredth time or taking that time out for biting her little brother, she can still demand all the praise she deserves. This little throneis one of the most unique gift ideas for a little princess who loves nothing more than being the center of it all.

Jeweled Glitz and Dazzle

When it comes to unique gift ideas for a little princess that’s outgrown the frills and shimmer, this beautiful Victorian jewelry box is perfect for storing all her most treasured possessions. From sparkling pink diamonds to simple fashion jewelry, she’ll be living the good life all from the comfort of her makeup vanity.

Unique gift ideas for a little princess are super simple once you give them a “fairy tale” look. From balls to gowns and everything in between, a little princess loves to be the center of attention. Create your own unique gift ideas for a little princess in your life simply by looking within your heart . . . as every good princess does . . . and you are sure to choose a gift that ends in happily ever after every time.

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