Unique Gift ideas for a Lawyer

Unique gift ideas for a lawyer can be difficult to find. While lawyers are not really that hard to buy for sometimes we can tend to over-think gifts when they are for someone of a prestigious career choice. Finding unique gift ideas for a lawyer boil down to one thing . . . and that is stepping into their loafers and finding gifts that work inside and outside the courtroom.

Here are a few of my favorite unique gift ideas for a lawyer . . . Hope you find one you like!

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Sette really brightens up the board room with their eclectic blend of professional ties and bold looks. These ties remind me of a go-get-‘em District Attorney – kicking butt and taking names. For other unique gift ideas for a lawyer just take a quick peek around the site. There are plenty of other looks to fit your special someone’s alter ego inside or outside the courtroom.

Writing on the Wall

One of the most unique gift ideas for a lawyer that I have seen to date, this customizable afghan makes the perfect addition to their office wall. Perfect for the one who recently passed the BAR or for the attorney who has been practicing for many years, this sentimental gift is perfect for showcasing all they have accomplished.

Crowning Achievements

Some of the most unique gift ideas for a lawyer are those that celebrate their many accomplishments and achievements. Register the day of they landed their first client, passed the bar or the day they won their first case with MyDayRegistry.com. Every registered owner receives a framed certificate of authenticity as proof of ownership that they can display in their office. Since there can only be one owner per day this unique gift idea for a lawyer also doubles as a great conversation piece!

Simple Sophistication

Unique gift ideas for a lawyer just don’t get any better than this . . . this sophisticated stamp collection of famed lawyers and other judicial favorites make this the perfect gift for anyone involved in the justice system. These unique gift ideas for a lawyer will stand proudly aside any law school diploma and add a little sophistication to any office.

Beginning to End

These lady justice book ends are both professional and all around cool . . . put these unique gift ideas for a lawyer into a gift bag along with a great classic novel for his office. He’s sure to relish in their charm and hopefully also in the good book for a little down time. You know a lawyer’s job is never done!

Simple Signs

These unique gift ideas for a lawyer are as effortless as they are simply charming. Customize a sign for your favorite attorney today. They are perfect for the office or the home and make one of the best unique gift ideas for a lawyer that I’ve seen thus far.

Inkwell Wonders

While a traditional gift, these pens still make unique gift ideas for a lawyer . . . especially when it seems we have moved so far from the traditional. Rest assured this gift will be turned to time and time again – in studying up for an early morning case, in signing important documents – this gift allows you to become a part of their day every day.

Know of any unique gift ideas for a lawyer? I’d love to hear about them! If you send them my way you might just see them here on the site!


  1. You can find a wide variety of humorous gifts and greeting cards for everyone from law students to law firm partners at The Billable Hour.

  2. very nice finds!

    my sister’s a lawyer, this will come in very handy soon.

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