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TheJerusalemGiftIdeas.comAs a child, my mother told me fascinating stories of the Holy Land, stories that wove moral lessons into the realistic hardships of everyday life in another time. I considered Israel somehow out of reach: the backdrop for Bible stories at bedtime and Sunday morning sermons. To me, stories of the Holy Land felt timeless and the truths contained in them were constants, but Israel itself and all its realities remained a world and countless unknown experiences away. Still, I treasured those moments, at my mother’s feet, learning about something more ancient, more lasting than the ease and comfort of my own current existence. So recently, when I was introduced to TheJerusalemGiftShop.com, I filed the site in my memory — noting that I might just find a real treasure for my mother’s upcoming birthday there.

When I finally took a few moments to sit down and peruse the TheJerusalemGiftShop.com site, I was delighted with what I found: a collection of genuine products from Israeli artists and businesses, and a commitment to provide those looking with amazing service and Christian gifts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but beautiful for their meanings.

I spent the next few hours surfing this new site, truly amazed at the extravagant array of offerings. Treasures? Yes, there are almost too many to count. As I was looking for something truly significant with meaning beyond the well-intentioned devotional book or cross necklaces I had given in the past, I realized that a solution to my dilemma of finding something perfectly wonderful for the woman who raised and taught me was indeed very close at hand.

The selection before me included spices and oils, honey, olive-wood cups and boxes, pottery, holy books, and gorgeous silver ornaments symbolizing a range of Biblical verses, landmarks, and artifacts. Candles, jewelry, and even sandals are offered at TheJerusalemGiftShop.com, along with the promise of owner, Ian, to do his best to have specific pieces — for which you might be searching — located if the possibility exists to do so. Ian’s commitment to client service is apparent throughout the site, as is his commitment to the artists and manufacturers of Israel. The personal touch of his service-oriented character certainly didn’t hurt my impression of this online retailer, either. Here, I thought, is a man who stocks meaningful merchandise and makes every effort to provide the service that his clients desire.

When I finally took notice of the time, and realized that I’d been scouring this phenomenal virtual marketplace into the wee hours of the morning, I was still far from making a decision. A call to my sister was in order. Would she like to help in this decision? Of course, and so the task at hand would have to wait until morning… when she would be able to peruse TheJerusalemGiftShop.com as well. I had no doubt that she would appreciate the idea and that her much younger take on the world would add some new insight to the array of gift options now at our fingertips.

“This is really cool,” she mused the following morning as she steered me first to a silver ring that read, “The Lord is my strength,” in Hebrew and then to a simple cross of Olive wood. There were replicas of artifacts, sheep skin rugs, even stones from the land of our childhood Bible stories… so what, you ask, was our final decision? I’d love to relay it, but I simply cannot…Mom’s birthday is still on the horizon, and we don’t want to ruin the surprise. I will tell you this, the perfect gift stirs up memories of one of those favorite stories that helped shape the women we are today, women who will undoubtedly pass the same to our own daughters — and perhaps we’ll find treasures for our beloved girls at TheJerusalemGiftShop.com, as well.

TheJerusalemGiftShop.com has kindly offered Carol Ann readers a special 10% discount on all products. Use the discount code carol10 at the time of check out to redeem this offer.

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