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Unique Gift Ideas Review Replay JerseysI will never forget the absolute thrill of being handed my first real jersey when I made the varsity basketball team. I wore it for four amazing years and loved every moment of being on the court, sitting on the bench, even taking in the harsher words of my coach when a game or practice hadn’t gone so well. Today that jersey hangs in a shadow box in my office, blue and gold, several sizes smaller than I ever remember being, and in fair condition considering its age and all it’s been through. That old jersey is the reason I find replayjerseys.com so intriguing, I’m sure. This thoughtful and, dare I say, fashion-forward company is making the most of memories like mine, so I had to share… just in case you have some pressing on-court memories of your own.

Replayjerseys.com is the brainchild of Mary Ellen Baker and Mary Matthiessen, two mothers on a mission to find a way to salvage sports jerseys, once worn by their active children and with far too much sentimental value to discard. Matthiessen began mulling over ideas for repurposing the jerseys and soon settled on shoulder bags or backpacks that could be used again and again.

With her first design on her shoulder, she headed to her son’s high school football game, and the response was overwhelming. Baker and Matthiessen soon decided to make a commercial venture of the idea and now are selling the repurposed bags nationwide.

Of course, the idea of a repurposed bag is very cool, but some other things about replayjerseys.com are also worth noting. For instance, Baker and Matthiessen give a portion of proceeds from the jerseys back to the teams they represent ($5 per jersey which adds up quickly) or another organization of the client’s choosing, offering a great and unconventional fundraiser that moms everywhere can really get behind. In a green-conscience world, the bags are also a great example for kids that recycling can be fun and creative. Finally, it doesn’t hurt that these old jerseys provide a new source of school spirit for the fans who love them.

Replayjerseys.com offers cinch bags (smaller, less bulky backpacks that students love), stadium bags that have been a big hit with moms, and even bags made from military uniforms. Other bag styles include tote bags, hobo bags, and a bling bag embellished with rhinestones for a glamorous twist. Replayjerseys.com has converted T-shirts, hoodies, dance costumes, and cheerleading outfits, too. The possibilities really are endless.

Whether you’re searching for a wonderfully unique fundraising opportunity, a gift for a well-loved athlete’s mom or girlfriend, or you’re staring at your own shadow box right now and trying to determine what sort of bag you’d like to be carrying soon, replayjerseys.com has some fun and functional solutions you won’t want to pass up. Go ahead, have your kids bring down the boxes from the attic, or do a little unpacking yourself. Thanks to replayjerseys.com, soon, you’ll be proudly displaying the number your child called her own, or the one you donned not so long ago yourself… and I’m pretty sure you may turn a few heads at the next high school football or pee-wee soccer game you attend, as well.

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