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Unique Gift Ideas Review OneShare.comWith my niece’s birthday just around the bend – just last week I was hard at work surfing the web for a truly unique gift. My niece is only five, which may have you wondering why a Barbie or anything Hannah Montana just wouldn’t do. I mean, after all, with the younger set these things often don’t steer you wrong.

But I have to admit, my niece is no normal five year old. After years of work and worry, my sister climbed her way up the corporate ladder and – it shows. I mean, this kid has everything. Just last year, I thought I’d finally found the one thing she didn’t have . . . I was wrong. “Aunt Brooke – you can keep it. I’ve got that in blue . . . and pink.”

So that brings me back to web surfing for yet another year where I ran across this place called OneShare.com.One Share is a company who allows you to buy stocks in your favorite someone’s most treasured brands. Sure, my niece loves Hannah Montana, but she has the dream house, every doll known to man and every accessory probably ever made. But, what she doesn’t have is an actual piece of the pie.

I bought her a share in Disney and she loved it! It came with its very own certificate which now graces her pink wall. I told her now every time she watches Hannah Montana, she is paying for a small part of production, maybe even those cool outfits . . . and she’s made sure that all her friends know she’s Hannah’s “boss” now.

A framed image of Disney StockFrom the wife who dotes on everything Martha Stewart to the dad who loves all things Craftsman, give the gift that keeps on giving. With One Share not only does their money tree grow way up . . . but their smile too.

If you like the idea of OneShare.com, but aren’t sure if a stock share is right for your special someone, we also recommend MyDayRegistry.com. My Day Registry allows you to purchase the special day in your life. Best of all, once the day is sold . . . it’s gone forever. It belongs to you and only you . . . and you can’t get any more unique than that!
To learn more about OneShare.com visit the company’s website at OneShare.com, . . . you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I’ve use OneShare to buy stocks to decorate my office walls. Join the DRIP and buy more shares and you are away to the races.

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