Unique Gift Idea Review: BoonSpace.com

boonspaceIt’s been quite a while since something unique and interesting has come along in the concept world . . . I mean when was the last time a new concept truly blew me away? I have to say, it’s been a few months. Call it glass half empty syndrome but after working as an editor for so many years– I’ve seen a lot of awesome things in my day and it really takes something wonderfully cool to turn my head . . . and get the pen to the paper.

I recently saw a press release for a gift site called BoonSpace.com. It’s a neat little cyber gifting site that allows you to send gifts over the web all while avoiding the boring “printable gift card” approach. It’s so impersonal don’t you think? When I get them, I’m often like “Yay.” (Note the sarcasm in my voice, folks.)

That’s where Boon Space comes in and fills a void in the gift market. Teaming up with PayPal, Boon Space created a site where gift givers can choose a virtual gift, send it with real money (to be used to turn the virtual gift into reality) and create everything from a photo, card, video and voice message to make the occasion of gift giving sharable from miles away. Best of all, each step is completely customizable which makes it not only fun to get but to give.

Whether you are across the street or around the world, Boon Space helps you stay connected and celebrate moments together. Don’t have the budgeting for “real money” gifts? Don’t worry. Boon Space offers free media messages for staying in touch with funny videos you can upload and edit from your web cam or private collection, printable completely customizable cards and photo-shop style “photo booth” where you can add cool effects or create an image right from your laptop.

If you have just one buck floating around in your PayPal account or dwindling check book, you’ve got an instant pick me up gift. The one dollar option allows you to opt for a virtual gift go along with your media message. If you want to make the gift even more special send real money with all the above and make the gifting experience truly shop-worthy. From no money to little money, Boon Space helps you stretch your dollar across the world.

Bottom line? Boon Space is an idea from outer space that is truly out of this world and totally modern. Want to try Boon Space for yourself? Get in on this cool gifting gadget by visiting BoonSpace.com today.

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  1. I love photo cards, they are more special than those ordinary greeting cards that is just full of text.;~,

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