Unique Gift Idea Review: AutoVase.com

Picture of vase in a carBlooming with style, charm and plenty of sunshine comes a bright new company springing forth and ready to grow some smiles. Autovase.com has some exceptional unique gift ideas perfect for making the day of your favorite someone.

I for one have always loved the adorable vases that came with the new VW Bugs . . . but I’ve never liked the car itself. Not one to pay 20,000 dollars just to own a flower vase I set out on a journey to find a vase that would fit my car. I knew the search would not be an easy one . . . especially since my car is far from the cute confinements of a lime green Bug – I drive a Tahoe, after all.

While I found a few different brands of car vases Autovase.com offered the cleanest styles, best bang for your buck and best of all no screws or sticky glue were required. These little beauties fit effortlessly on to your dashboard (even mine) and the end result is a streamline floral addition that looks as though it came factory made.

I envision these unique gift ideas brightening the day of a wife on the run – Her husband slipping a daisy from the garden into her car before breakfast along with a little card that says “He loves me.” These unique gift ideas could also come from the mom sending her teen out on the road for the first time complete with a White Heather flower that means “protection from danger.”

Allergies get the best of you? You can still enjoy the cheer of an auto vase. Autovase.com carries several varieties of perfectly sized artificial blooms to place into your car for a little joy on the go. I particularly like their selection of adorable, brightly colored Gerber Daisies. Just imagine driving away the winter blues with one of these happily hued flowers peeking from your dashboard.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas I suggest you pop your head into Autovase.com . . . there you will find some of the sweetest, most fragrant gifts around town. Whether you are buying a vase to surprise your sweetie on a foggy Monday morning or you are instead bringing a little cheer to a friend who has been under the weather, you simply can’t go wrong with this little company and their unique gift ideas that grow smiles every place they go.

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