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AustinAccents.com Unique Gift Idea Review I don’t know about you, but for me special occasions always lead to The Search for the Perfect Gift. It almost sounds like it could be the title of a movie, doesn’t it? After all, The Search can be tough, especially when you really care about someone. Maybe you’re buying for gal pal bridesmaids or for the grandmother who’s given you so much. But I just found a favors and gift shop called Austin Accents that makes The Search that much easier for all of us in the stumped gift-giver category.

Their tagline may be “unique favors & gifts,” but Austin Accents is much more than that. I didn’t find forgettable plastic knick-knacks here. And I didn’t find mass-produced throwaway items either. What I did discover was a shop that offers affordable, handmade gifts perfect for nearly any occasion.

This online shop is famous for their stone accents. These decorative stones feature a custom image (like a wedding picture) or a design applied to the surface. Each piece is handmade to showcase the image or design as well as the beauty of the natural stone. Images are covered with varnish to make sure the gift will last for many years.

There’s several unique gift ideas at Austin Accents, with an impressive collection of custom gifts including favors, coasters, accents, and save the dates, as well as easels and wall racks to display these beauties. Here’s a little preview of each of Austin Accents’ treasures:

Favors & Magnet Collections – You’ve probably been to weddings where you received a ho-hum party favor that you never thought of again. Maybe it was a teeny bag of mints or, for those of us who’ve been around for awhile, a personalized matchbook. Well, when you see what Austin Accents offers you’ll change the way you see wedding and party favors. These favors are 2” x 2” stone magnets in styles to suit any personality or theme, from the delicate First Comes Love magnet, perfect for the romantic wedding, to the Count Your Many Blessings magnet, which is ideal for a milestone anniversary party. Magnet prices start at $5 for an individual magnet, and discount bulk pricing is available.
Coasters – As soon as I saw these coasters I wanted to toss the cheap, flimsy ones I’d picked up at the discount store! Each set comes with four 4” x 4” handmade stone coasters. You’ll find designs to suit any style or occasion. For example, I found a great custom wedding gift idea: the Giselle Initial coaster collection which features a classy postcard design that incorporates the married couple’s initial—and for just $30 a set. Now where can you find handmade coasters at an affordable price like that?!
Build Your Own Accent – The best gifts are the ones so cherished they are handed down through the generations. Austin Accents features exactly those kinds of gifts with their custom gift accents. Each piece is a 6” x 6” stone overlaid with an image you choose. The natural stone’s veins and crevices show slightly through the photo, making it a gift that will earn showcase attention for years. Prices begin at just $20, which you simply can’t beat for a handmade gift!
When can you give a Build Your Own Accent gift? The easier question might be: when can’t you give one? I have so many gift-giving ideas, and here are just a few:

  • Give a wedding photo accent to a much-loved relative who couldn’t attend the ceremony.
  • Present a new grandparent with a photo accent featuring the newborn.
  • Give a group photo accent to a colleague moving out of the area.
  • Remember a special family vacation using a fun group pic.

Save the Date Magnets – Don’t mail a boring save the date postcard when you can send an alternative that guests will keep for years to come. Austin Accents offers a selection of stone save the date magnets, like the musical magnet. These magnets almost make a married girl wish she could do the ceremony all over again! But don’t worry—if you’ve already tied the knot, you can order these magnets for any big shindig, from an anniversary party to a baby shower. Prices start at $5 per magnet, with discounted bulk pricing available for as few as 20 pieces.
Easels and Wall Racks – These accessories make it a breeze to display stone accent gifts. And with affordable prices (hangers start at just $1.99), it’s easy to give a stone accent that’s ready for your loved one to display.
Okay, so they have all these cool gifts, but I’ll give you one more reason to shop Austin Accents. This is not a typical favors and gift store. There are no catalogs filled with the same favors every other bride is using, and no plastic something-or-others that will end up on the receiver’s garage sale table. Accents are designed and created by Whit herself. She blends her love of working with stone with her unique design know-how to create memorable favors and gifts you’ll be proud to give.

Did you like what you see and now you gotta have it? Well, beginning on April 9th, you’ll have the chance to win a custom “build your own” accent and easel exclusively on Unique Gift Ideas Blog! Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot and check back next week for the Austin Accents giveaway!

What’s your favorite Austin Accents favor or gift? Please share by leaving a comment below!

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