Unique Gift Idea Review: AnnieBand.com

Unique Gift Idea Review: AnnieBand.comWhat is it that AnnieBand.com offers that other gift sites cannot provide? High quality jewelry is the answer. AnnieBand.com is the perfect home for those seeking unique, handcrafted, original jewelry. Jewelry is almost always a welcome gift idea. Who does not like a nice charm necklace or a bracelet? Most people welcome such items.

The one problem that arises here is when jewelry items are generic and they lose some of their value. Custom jewelry is much better because it embodies much passion. Any jewelry that has a flare for the passionate will prove eye-catching. And you won’t find such from the heart, emotion and thought provoking jewelry anywhere else.

Who is Annie Band? Why can’t I find her work in my local shop?

The name Annie Band is not a commercialized brand “lent” to the mass production of jewelry. No, Annie Band is a real person! She lives in Wyoming and has been producing top of the line jewelry for quite some time. Her experience really shines through in the look of jewelry. That is why any gift item purchased from Annie Band’s catalogue will be a welcome and appreciated one.

The great selling point of Annie Band is that she produces jewelry with the intention of lifting the human spirit. This is achieved through drawing upon ancient symbols and totems for inspiration. This also allows her to include highly personalized inscriptions into the jewelry that cannot be mass produced. Annie Band handcrafts her jewelry so that the spirit she is trying to bring forth it clear.

It is this unique and original attempt to turn the jewelry into an inspirational and uplifting item that makes it so welcome. Far too often, jewelry is presented as a status symbol or, worse, simply as a throwaway accessory to your clothing. Does that not sound underwhelming?

The sheer variety of choices in the Annie Band collection presents scores of jewelry selections for even the most discriminating gift seeker. A great many collections are offered in her inventory. Remember – these are all custom handcrafted items and all of them are made entirely of pure originals. Here is a look at some of the most popular collections she offers:

Cellular Collection: These are inspired by the organic process of nature and present some truly stunning designs.

Zodiac Collection: As the name implies, these are designs inspired by the classic images of the Zodiac. There is a lot of uniqueness in the imagery of Zodiac symbols. This collection combines such uniqueness with a lot of creativity and delivers an excellent jewelry line.

Wings Collection: The Wings Collection is drawn from the symbolism associated with discovering past lives. Such symbolism makes for stunning pendants and necklaces.

Flora Collection: Wow, this is an impressive collection! The Flora Collection is inspired by the legendary image of the Lotus Flower. The Lotus Flower remains a symbol of health and vitality and it also presents a wonderful image for a variety of jewelry items.

The bottom line here is that it would be difficult to locate a better jewelry crafter than Annie Band. Her work truly is stunning and anyone seeking unique gift ideas is advised to explore what AnnieBand.com has to offer.


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    its a nice post !
    AnnieBand.com is really a perfect home for those seeking unique, handcrafted, original jewelry. Thanks for sharing ideas.

  2. Hi,

    I’d never heard on annie band until reading your blog, and having looked through her jewellery it is truely unique 🙂

    I thought i had some unique pieces http://www.discoveredforyou.com but nothing as detailed as this!!

    A real eye opener

    Thanks for sharing


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