Unique Family Heirloom Gift Ideas

Family Heirloom Gift IdeasLooking for a meaningful unique gift idea for a milestone birthday, anniversary, holiday, or for a person who holds a special place inside your heart? Then, there’s no better way to honor someone than with our unique family heirloom gift ideas . . . Not only are these gifts adored by the person who received them but also loved by their family as well and cherished through generation after generation.

Read on to find a few of our favorite unique family heirloom gift ideas perfect for saying “you mean so much” . . .

Family Heirloom Books

Ask someone whose loved one has passed away what’s the one thing they wished they had; they’ll tell you it’s a record of their loved one’s life stories. Commission a writer and oral historian like Wendy Goldband of Family Heirloom Books to do just that. One of the most unique family heirloom gift ideas available to date, Wendy creates beautiful coffee table heirloom books. The interview, photos, historical research, and professional editing and rewriting are all included in the price.

Imagine your grandchildren and great-grandchildren listening to their ancestors speak and reading their words in a beautiful pictorial heirloom book! You can commission Goldband for the entire project, for the interview process only, or to create the book from existing interviews and memoirs. Learn more in her e-brochure and website at family-history.weebly.com. Since everyone in the family is going to want a copy of their own, have them all chip in and cut down on the expense . . . it’s one of the most wonderful unique family heirloom gift ideas there is!


For unique family heirloom gift ideas that are a little less ambitious, these photo memory books from mixbook.com are perfect for making and giving. They have many different design themes for you to choose from and you can even place in your own captions and text. The books come in either soft or hard cover and are printed on archival silk paper with full photo covers for a truly beautiful end result that is perfect for gifting to someone very special.

Family Tree Heirlooms

If your family is into genealogy, then these unique family heirloom gift ideas are perfect for turning your family tree into a work of art. There are all sorts of businesses on the web who do this for you. Decorate your home with beautiful family tree pillows and wall hangings at foreverfamilyembroidery.com . Or perhaps your loved one would prefer snuggling up in warm memories with an embroidered family tree afghan found at legacyembroidery.com.


If you’re ambitious enough to record your loved one’s history on your own, how about heading over to Gifts of the Past and trying out one of their wonderful unique family heirloom gift ideas. At Giftsof thepast.com you can turn those wonderful home videos and tapes into a beautiful CD presentation. They will even include photos of your family on the CD jacket and label.

If you only have a small budget to work with then consider giving family photo note cards instead. Giftsofthepast.com makes beautiful reproductions of your old family photos on 4 x5 note cards and they are just as thoughtful as a more expensive alternative.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, a family heirloom gift will honor the person today and keep their memory alive forever. One of the above unique family heirloom gift ideas are guaranteed to be a standout that will never outlive its usefulness. Your family will be talking about it and passing it down for generations to come.

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    I like your site uniquegiftideasblog.com. I thought you might be interested to share with your readers a very unique gift idea that would fit under several categories including family heirloom, 40th or 50th wedding anniversary, marriage, etc.

    Back in 2008, I wanted to create a really unique and artistic photo family tree art piece of my own family tree and give it as a very unique and one-of-a-kind personalized gift to my parents. I searched all over the web for some service to help me do it- but all I could really find were simple and boring looking charts- or crafty looking items that couldn’t include photos of my ancestors.

    Not finding anything that did what I was looking for, I created my own from scratch. It was so well recieved by family members that I knew I had to create a way to help others create this for their own families. So I developed what is now called Geneartogy (artwork out of your genealogy) and have a site http://geneartogy.com where people can create their own personalized photo family tree artwork.

    If you think this is something your readers would want to know about- please share it with them. I assume you do affiliate deals- and we are set up with Share A Sale to manage our affiliate program. Average sale is $500 and commission is 10%.

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