Unique Cufflinks for a CEO

Unique-Cufflinks-for-CEOWhat do you think of when you think of the modern man? I see a successful CEO sitting in his office – crisp freshly pressed shirt, texting ninety miles a minute on his Blackberry. But perhaps most of all, I see a man who’s tired of the same old luxury items. I see someone who has it all but still wants more – and that’s where these unique cufflinks for a CEO come in. Kind of like a yearly report that’s right on time, don’t you think? And delivered desk-side with a hot cup of coffee.

Modern Marvels

These are the perfect unique cufflinks for a CEO who is truly a man of the modern. With clean lines and crisp corners, these beautiful dazzlers give just the right amount of attitude to even the most classic of looks without coming off as trying too hard.

Chic Cuffs

Sleek and stylish . . . that’s the only way to describe these beautiful cufflinks that are sure to find their way into the top of his dresser drawers. If you know of someone who is always sporting those big watches, this is the cuff for them. The design not only looks chic, it strategically opens the diameter of the sleeve to make way for his favorite Rolex with comfort and ease.

Ships Ahoy

Though a flashier design, these unique cufflinks for a CEO are perfect for the boat enthusiast in your office. If his bookshelves drip with “big catch” photos of that latest trip deep sea fishing or if you are simply enlightened weekly by his “fish tales” (with no actual proof), these cufflinks are sure to float his style boat and have him riding the waves of sophisticated chic.

Anywhere You Want to Be

Know a CEO who likes a little fun with his stuffy suit? These simple yet fascinating cufflinks are ordinary at first but entice a closer glance. Have these cuffs printed with the longitude of a mystery location like his home or office. If you know him well, you might also get a little more personal by engraving them with the longitude of the church he and his wife were married in. Whatever place you choose, these cuffs are everywhere he wants to be and he’ll have a blast figuring out just what place his own one-of-a-kind links portray.

Square Deals

These sharp square cufflinks are perfect for squaring the deal with a new account. The perfect unique cufflinks for a CEO with style and sophistication, these luxurious cufflinks will inspire linens everywhere to be more chic and modern!

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