Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

grand children giving their grandparents christmas gifts When it comes to to finding unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents and showing unconditional love it can be summed up in the emotions of two very special people . . . our grandparents. They were the ones that said “yes” when mom said “no”. The ones who offered us cookies before dinner and ice-cream for breakfast – they were the crying shoulder who told us not to worry about breaking their priceless vase too . . . because as grandma’s go, they would simply tell us “I never liked that old thing anyhow.”

If you are searching for the perfect gifts for those special grandparents in your life, read on to find our favorite unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents . . . they are truly grand.

You Make a Difference Good Night Book

book unique christmas gift idea for grandparentsGive the gift of “gosh you’re special” with this You Make a Difference good night book sure to give them lots of sweet dreams and memories of magical days of old. Perfect for filling in with your own special memories of all the times they made a difference in your life, these unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are of the most sentimental and heartfelt variety. You can also mimic this idea in your words with a scrapbook and a few of your favorite photos.

Family Tree Pendant

pendant unique christmas gift idea for grandparentsOne of the most unique gift ideas for grandparents is those that celebrate all they have created. Celebrate the legacy of their love with this Family Tree pendant complete with the birthstone and name of each grandchild. It’s sure to be an instant handed down treasure and be in the family for generations to come.

Family Faces Serving Plate

platter unique christmas gift idea for grandparentsServe up something as sweet as they are with these little faces that make life even more sugary. Perfectly customizable, these serving platters make some of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents. Especially sweet for grandmothers who enjoy baking, this gift is the gift that keeps on giving in a great circle of yummy bliss . . . you give it – then they serve up sweet cookies for you on it!

A Grand Day for Grand Parents

dedicate a day unique christmas gift idea for grandparentsThese unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents from My Day Registry are perfect for bringing a tear to their eye and smile to their heart. With the world registry, you can own a day in the world dedicated especially to your grandest two. The certificate of ownership you will receive comes beautifully framed and will no doubt grace the likes of the mantle for years to come. (And be prepared for all those wayward brags of “Look what my sweet granddaughter did for me!)

Ice Cream in a Dash

ice cream maker christmas gift idea for grandparentsSome of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are those that bring a little fun to the whole family. Now grandma can say goodbye to those days of slaving over homemade ice-cream for the grandkids and say hello to getting out of the kitchen for some fun! This ice-cream ball allows them to simply toss in the necessary ingredients and then toss it around for an unexpected bit of play with the grandkids. Best of all, the ice-cream is ready in less than one hour!

When it comes to finding the most unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents the key is to search with your heart. No matter your budget, big or small . . . when you do this you will always come up with a gift that steals their heart each and every time.

What unique Christmas gift ideas for grandparents do you have? Please leave a comment below and share them with me! You never know, they may just end up in my next Christmas article!

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  1. Here’s a fun gift you can give to grandparents and they can enjoy with their grandkids! Its a nut free and peanut free gingerbread house that the whole family can decorate and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

  2. My Grandpa passed away on August 14, 2009, and my Grandma and everyone else in the family is still taking it hard. Do you have any ideas for gifts for her or for loved ones in my family? If so please let me know! Thanks!

  3. Hi Anna,

    I am so sorry to hear about you and your families loss Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that we have to endure emotionally. I have wrote a few blog posts on the subject and encourage you to read through those to find something that you and your family will enjoy


    I really love the service that MyDayRegistry offers, they are still pretty new and not many people have heard of them yet. Take a look at the review that I wrote about them and then follow the link to their website to see the potential the site has;


    Here’s a link to one of the profile’s on their site,


    Sorry for your loss,

    Carol Ann

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