Unique Artisan Jewelry from 1000 Markets

I’m sorry to tell my husband – but I’ve found a new love . . . now before you start the scandal reports to Perez Hilton I want you to know it’s not another man. (And to all of you who see an even bigger scandal from that line – no it’s not a woman either.)

So dear hubby, if you are reading this I know you don’t feel threatened. That’s because you know the only competition you have is my shopping addiction.

I like to do a little web surfing on the weekends when my spouse and I have our cuddling time. We had a great conversation last weekend. . . all of which I’m sure I would remember if I hadn’t have ran across this great little shop called 1000 Markets. Whatever he was saying sounded a lot like “pretty earrings” and “oh, la, la bracelets.” Pretty sure that’s not how the conversation went . . . but in my mind, it was all about jewelry.

So in honor of my newfound addiction here are a few of my favorites from the 1000 Markets site.

Artbead Divine Jewelry Market

Big bold beads, bright vibrant colors and lots of stylish flare, the 1000 Markets Artbead Divine section offers much to be desired. Here are a few of my favorites . . .

Latin Passion Lampwork Bracelet

Got the winter blues? This bright and bold number is sure to bring a little sun into your wardrobe. This bracelet’s warm colors remind me of a beachside sunset with a tropical drink in stow. Anyone for a margarita?

Bali Hai – Rustic Lampwork Bracelet

There’s this wonderful little street in St. Louis called Writer’s Square. I don’t know why but this bracelet just reminds me of sipping a warm cup of tea there with my girlfriends. Beautiful and completely unique, this bracelet has plenty of “old world” flare that just makes me want to curl up with a good book and an antique saucer of green tea. Do you take one lump or two?

Surfside Sterling Lampwork Bracelet

Forget the bikini . . . this little bracelet will turn heads as you sashay down the beach for an evening stroll. I love whimsy and wonder. This bracelet has a little bit of both. I can just see my children tugging my arm to get a closer look at this storybook-esque little find.

Earthbound Looks

Green, green, green and every color of the rainbow . . . these Earthbound looks are sure to captivate the Earth Mama in you!

Double Flower Glass Earrings

The perfect pair to add personality to your favorite Saturday jeans and white tee, these double flower glass earrings make me want to leave my stuffy desk and head out to the antique market for some site seeing! Anybody want to come along?

Blue Seas Cobalt Earrings

Oh, la, la! Can’t you just imagine these earrings seaside with a fabulous white bikini? (Ok. Let me rephrase that. Can’t you just imagine these with a white bikini after a three month diet and two hundred thousand crunches?) The perfect color-punch to any outfit these earrings give off the perfect hint of classic all while being thoroughly modern.

Tibetan Mala Earrings

The beauty of Tuscany with the ease of a Saturday morning stroll, these Tibetan earrings are perfect for your every fashion mood. Perfect on the go or snug up on the sofa, this pair will keep you in the limelight no matter where you choose to shine.

A Perfect Pair

Chocolate Drop Earrings

Beautiful and totally unexpected, this color combo reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice-cream in jewel form! Careful though – this pair is so deliciously delightful you might be tempted to taste the screen! I care about you guys too much to see you electric shocked so just wait until you buy them ok?

Winter Violet Earrings

No better way to beat the cabin blues than with these beautiful earrings bursting with signs of spring! Now just imagine these on a back drop of the perfect denim jacket and sun dress. Just makes your worries melt away doesn’t it?

Eastern Garden Earrings

Don’t these beauties just look like something you might find laying around on the queen’s vanity? So tea party-esque, this beautiful pair makes you adore being a girl.

But don’t just take my word for it. There are about a billion different sparkly things to treasure at 1000 Markets. If you find a favorite, send it my way. I’d love to see what you, my wonderful readers, are finding fabulous these days.

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  1. Cheryl Cantwell says

    I’m adding this one to my wish list: Amour Coiled Floral Bracelet http://www.1000markets.com/groups/artbead/products/81714?browse_all_products=1

    Here’s another valuable bit of info about Mannybeads – not only is her jewelry line down to earth, it’s filled with heart! This shop is donating every bit of proceeds from purchases all the way through March to help with relief efforts in Haiti. Wow.

    thank you, Carol Ann, what treasures you found!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning A Perfect Pair market on 1000 Markets, where you can find earrings for every occasion, in any style you can imagine. We are very proud of the quality and style of the earrings in our market.–Gerry

  3. Wow, great finds. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol, many thanks for including my Tibetan Mala Bead earrings…as well as EarthBorn Market at 1000Markets!!!

  5. Grace Yung says

    I enjoyed reading all the articles you’ve written up….great read:)
    So much useful information & ideas. Thank you.~Grace

  6. I’m so happy that you’ve discovered 1000markets. Thank you for
    for your wonderful blog! You’ve chosen some of my favorite
    artisans and markets to spotlight!

  7. What a terrific collection of fabulous jewelry finds! I’ve got some new shopping spots!

  8. Carol Ann, thank you so much for selecting one of my designs to be a part of your lovely collection. And many thanks to your hubby for supporting your newfound addiction, lol. 🙂

  9. Carol Ann
    Thank-you so much for the mention. I am glad you found and love 1000 markets. I think it is the best too as a shipper not just an artisan. If anyone is intrigued with Teka and Zoe mention you saw me here and free shipping to you. Thnx so much!! Michelle Mahler Teka and Zoe

  10. HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry also has beautiful and handmade sea glass jewelry. We make custom pieces on request with our sea glass or from yours!

  11. Diane Norman says

    I am thrilled that you liked my bracelets Latin Passion and SurfSide! I sincerely appreciate you mentioning them and the Market – Artbead Divine Jewelry. Tickled that you have found 1000 Markets and relieved to know that I am not the only woman with a shopping addiction! Diane

  12. OMG – I so need a Latin sunset to my brighten day today –I just love artisan lampwork beads in jewelry! I am a designer and love to wear other artisans unique one of kind items. When I shop at 1000 markets it’s like shopping for shoes! Just so much to pick from sometimes I buy two!

    Thanks for sharing Carol, what a wonderful blog.

  13. I am totally adding this to my wish list!! I love the delicate contrast and swirls in the colors from cream to rich tans/browns…..reminds me of the Victorian Era…….they make my heart go pity pat!!

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful creations!

  14. Wow!! What a great response from the 1000 Markets Community…. There are so many great pieces that it would take me weeks to include all of them. You will undoubtedly see more of these Unique Artisan Jewelry pieces show up in future posts!

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

  15. Hi Diane, I love everything you make. Looks like I may need to buy some more from you now that I have seen your newest bracelets Latin Passion and SurfSide! Very nice.

  16. Stacie Dye says

    Wow! I love the Latin Passion and SurfSide. This happens to be one of my Favorite Designers too! Diane Norman at LunaCatJewels provides beautiful one of kind pieces so I Love that you highlighted her in your blog. I just happen to have some of her great creations and may need too.

  17. Jennuine Candles says

    Carol…So glad you stumbled across 1000Markets. The artisans are absolutely amazing and the fact that you can get one of a kind items is such a great appeal. Hope you come back again and peruse some other handmade categories. Thank you for supporting handmade! Jenn

  18. Love love love Bali Hai and Surfside! Both artists are amazing! Great finds!

  19. What a wonderful selection from some truly exceptional shops at 1000 Markets!

  20. What a wonderful place to find so many great artist and fun gifts. I just love Jewel Fire Designs and her earthy designs like the winter violets above!

  21. How does one get their creations represented at this site. I make artisan jewelry & would like to market them through this site. Please advise.



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