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husband and wife celebrating their anniversaryHaving trouble finding unique anniversary gifts? Tired of clicking on website after website, unable to discover the perfect present to honor your special relationship? It’s time to take a deep breath and relax because I’ve done the work for you. I love shopping the web for one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts you just can’t find in the neighborhood store or on an ordinary gift site. Here are 5 unique anniversary gifts you’ll be proud to give:

Honor Your Love with a Dedicated Day

anniversary gift a day at my day registryWhen it comes to unique anniversary gifts, My Day Registry should be at the top of your list. This website allows you to dedicate a day exclusively in honor of your relationship. You might register your wedding anniversary or the day you first said “I Love You”. Once registration is complete, you and your sweetheart own that day; it’s recorded in their database so the date belongs only to the two of you. My Day Registry will send a personalized parchment certificate that you can display for everyone to see—it’s guaranteed to spark conversations and memories for years to come!

But My Day Registry also lets you preserve memories. You’ll receive an online profile that can be personalized with pics and video of your life together. Share the secure profile with family and friends as a heartfelt tribute to your love. Unique anniversary gifts just don’t come any sweeter than My Day Registry. By the way, they also offer expedited shipping options for last-minute anniversary shoppers.

Write Your Love Story

treasured passages couples book unique anniversary giftImagine that 30 years from now you could sit down with your children and show them a keepsake box of love letters written by you and your spouse. It seems like a chick-flick plot line, but it’s not. You can make it a reality with one of the most romantic anniversary gifts: the Couples Letter Book from Uncommon Goods. The book opens into a 20-page scrapbook where you can record all those little things that make your marriage special, from favorite vacation spots to favorite desserts.

But the real romance is in the drawer tucked underneath the book. It opens to reveal your love letters. The set includes cards and envelopes, and special prompts to help get those love-writing juices flowing. The Letter Book is a gift with the potential to become a cherished family heirloom.

Etch Your Love into Their Heart

etched wine bottle unique anniversary giftYour anniversary is a time to celebrate, so break open an extra-special bottle of wine. Etching Expressions’ Personalized Anniversary Wine Bottle is the perfect way to party, whether it’s a big shindig with the family or a quiet dinner for two. Each bottle is beautifully etched and features hand-painted artwork in your choice of designs. It will also be personalized with your own message and the anniversary date. Choose from a selection of wine varieties, including Merlot and Chardonnay. Champagne and non-alcohol options are also available.

Break out the personalized bottle of wine along with your set of special wine glasses or Champagne flutes, and you have a dinner ready-made for romance. It’s sure to spice up any anniversary dinner, whether you’re celebrating number three or number thirty.

Make Love… and Art

love is art kit unique anniversary giftThis is one of those unique anniversary gifts that is a perfect choice for the adventurous couple. The Love is Art Kit contains everything you need to transform a night of lovemaking into a one-of-a-kind abstract work of art. It includes a generously sized 54” x 41” white cotton canvas and non-toxic, washable black paint. Don’t worry—it comes with plastic sheeting, disposable slippers, and a body scrubber so you can keep things relatively clean. (Although, if the product reviews are any indication, the clean up can be just as much fun as the painting.) After you create your love art, take it to a framer for stretching and mounting.

And what do you tell guests who ask about your work of art? Feel free to share how you created it, or keep it your intimate secret. That’s entirely up to you…

Send the Cutest Dog-gone Flowers

lucky in love unique anniversary giftAnyone can order a bouquet of flowers. But if you really want unique anniversary gifts, then check out this Lucky in Love arrangement from 1-800 Flowers. Nestled inside a basket, your sweetie will find two puppies crafted from fresh white carnations, red roses, and other flowers. The pair is accented with red bows featuring sparkly rhinestones.

This is the perfect gift for a pooch-loving spouse, but it’s also a sweet choice when you want to tell her you’re still head-over-heels in puppy love. No matter why you choose this gift you know she’ll love to show it off to family, friends, and co-workers.

Don’t let the hunt for unique anniversary gifts frustrate you. These gift picks, whether it’s the heartfelt sentiment of My Day Registry or the “she’ll love to show it off” puppy flower arrangement, you will find an anniversary present that demonstrates just how unique your love is.

What unique anniversary gifts have you received? Please share! We love to hear your comments about the gifts that wow’d you!

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  1. I think the second idea is really nice. I don’t know how many couples will go as far as to scrap but even a nice photo album from all the things done that year would be a total surprise.

  2. For our first anniversary, my husband got me a gift certificate for an anniversary sundial that sits on the windowsill and makes rainbows in our family room…both paper and clock in the same gift! When we had it made, we had them add a special date line too, and the shadow follows the line on our anniversary every year – maybe it’ll keep my husband from ever forgetting our special day!

  3. An anniversary sundial is a unique gift idea…my husband got me one a few years ago for our first anniversary. He found it somewhere online and it sits on our windowsill and makes rainbow colors in our family room whenever the sun shines on it. He also had them put a date line on it that the time shadow rides on our special day each year…with something like that in our house he has no excuse for ever forgetting our anniversary!

  4. My husband got me an anniversary sundial – a cool clock – that sits on the windowsill and makes rainbows in our family room whenever the sun shines on it. He had them put a date line on it that the time shadow follows on our special day each year…and with something like that in our home, I hope he never forgets our anniversary! He did good 🙂

  5. I think donating to a charity as a gift for your spouse is a great idea too. One year I gave my husband a flock of geese to help a family in a need.

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