Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Wife

man surprising his wife with a unique anniversary giftLet’s abandon the idea of quickly running by the flower shop to grab a bouquet of flowers for her, and instead, consider some unique anniversary gifts for a wife. Obviously, you will want to get her a unique anniversary gift that she will undoubtedly run around town showing all of her friends. Wouldn’t it just tickle you pink if she decided to hold a small gathering at the house to let people secretly admire the gift that you chose?

You are not alone… the anniversary seems to be the hardest “special occasion” for husbands to accurately put their finger on when it comes to gifts. There is clearly a struggle to find the perfect present on that day, considering all of the important concepts that an anniversary brings together. What exactly should your gift symbolize? How do you find a gift that can symbolize your wedding day or the love that you have for each other?

These lovely unique anniversary gifts for a wife have been hand-picked to help you achieve a warm and loving embrace from your wife on your anniversary.

Paint a Picture

unique wife anniversary gift hand drawn pictureSubmit your best wedding day photo and your special day will be turned into a painting you can enjoy everyday. You can select the type of painting that you think she would like from any of the following choices: oil, charcoal, black pencil, watercolor, acrylic, color pencil, or pastel. In addition, there are seven different sizes to choose from, the backdrop can be customized, and six choices of frame styles are available. Once you have sorted through the details and uploaded, mailed or emailed your photos and placed your order, an experienced and educated artist will re-create your wedding day on canvas.

Take the Family to Dinner

unique wife anniversary gift family platterWell, not really. The idea is actually to put the family on her newest platter created by Personal Creations. There is an adorable selection for the background of the plates, and the people are custom made according to your instructions. You tell them the skin color, hair color and hair style as well as the body type of each member of the family. They also offer a rush order option if it is last minute and you are under the gun to get that unique anniversary present.

Make It Her Own Very Special Day

anniversary gift a day at my day registryCreate a unique day in time for her with MyDayRegistry. The “unique” part about this gift is: once you pick and register your day, nobody else can ever pick that day in time again on this registry. To memorialize her day, you will be able to hand her a handsomely framed certificate to hang in the location of her choosing. In addition, you can also introduce her to her new online “My Day” profile that is customizable; she will be able to upload photos, music, videos and she’ll also have a spot for people to leave their loving comments for her.

Sitting In A Tree

unique wife anniversary gift tree artDo you remember that sing-song about two people “sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”? Well I found it with the Sitting in a Tree Photo Canvas Wall Art, personalized with you and your wife’s names engraved in a piece of tree bark. The wall art comes in three sizes and can be added to any room in the house to display your youthful, tree-carving love.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

unique wife anniversary gift always kiss me goodnight pillowcasesAs long as you and your wife’s names are 9 letters or less, PersonalCreations.com has a matching set of personalized pillowcases for the unique anniversary gifts for a wife category. The pair of pillows features one of the spouse’s names and “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” sprawled across the front of each one as a sweet reminder to share a kiss before falling asleep.

So, you see, finding unique anniversary gifts for a wife is not as difficult as it seems. As a matter of fact, the list goes on and on when it comes to sweet and thoughtful gifts that you can get for her, but you can’t go wrong if you choose one of the five items listed above. Don’t get stuck for your next anniversary… get her one of our suggested unique anniversary gifts for a wife and enjoy the reaction that you get from her.

Do you have unique anniversary gifts for a wife? Please share, I love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Great Article on gift Ideas. I like “Make It Her Own Very Special Day” .

  2. As a woman myself, I love the ideas and think many woman would be truly delighted with them. I like the My Day Registry best.

    On the other hand, speaking for myself and, I believe, many of my friends, gift cards to specific stores or gift cards a person can use to get the specific store gift card they’d love to have are also awesome, unique ideas. If she’s super picky, has everything or falls under some other hard-to-buy-for category, gift cards are oft raved about gifts that are hard to make mistakes with.


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    unusual wedding invitations ideas…


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