Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas on a Tight Budget

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas on a Tight BudgetWhen it comes to anniversaries and unique gift ideas, it can be a difficult task finding the right one -especially if you are on a tight budget. Of course you have plenty of unique ideas but the ones you really like are way out of your price range and the ones that might fit your wallet you aren’t so sure she would like.

If you are a hubby on a budget, first of all remember it IS the thought that counts and second of all, know that while it is the thought that counts it doesn’t mean your gift has to be anything less than fabulous.
Read on to find some of our favorite unique gift ideas sure to provide all the wow without leaving you in all the debt.

Sea Blossom Bracelet

Anthropologie is a great go-to source for unique gifts for any occasion and this sea meets shore picturesque bracelet is no exception. With its bold strands of pearls, antique chain and surprise element of bright blue blooms this piece is sure to grace the top drawer of her jewelry box for years to come.

Own Your Anniversary Day

You celebrate your anniversary every year. You circle it on the calendar at work so you are sure to remember to pick up a dozen roses and a bottle of aged wine. Your day is already so special to you why not make it even more special?

My Day Registry offers some of the most unique gifts out there for almost any occasion. With My Day, you can purchase your special day making it all your own and receive a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity for her favorite wall. The company also provides you with your own special web page perfect for upload photos, creating journal entries and anything else your heart desires.

Romantic Lingerie

While maybe one of the most time-honored anniversary gifts, with a little imagination even the most sensible presents can make the most unique gifts. Give the gift of sexy with this sheer babydoll from Flirty Lingerie. It’s fun, and has just the right amount of modern sex appeal and timeless romance to stand out amongst the rest.

Spa Day Getaway

Have a frazzled spouse who spends her days pampering you and your family? Return the favor with a spa day getaway. Gift certificates for pampering services make really unique gifts especially if this is not something your spouse would normally splurge on for themselves.

It is a good idea to call the spa ahead of time and be sure that the spa has a female massage therapist. Some women tend to feel a little uncomfortable with a male masseuses and often times, husbands aren’t very comfortable with the idea either. If you call ahead of time, you will not only ensure the comfort of your spouse but also ease your fears if you tend to be the timid type.

The Diva Friendly Handbag

While handbags may not seem like unique gifts, this little number is a unique handcrafted piece with a purpose. Beautifully embroidered and all handmade, this handbag and all others made by Laga Handbags support those still in need from the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia. This is the perfect unique anniversary gift idea on a tight budget to satisfy your search for her perfect gift, and her accessory fetish.

Soul Food

For avid readers, books make wonderfully unique anniversary gifts when they are catered to the receiver’s specific interests. If your wife is the type to never miss a church brunch and is the first to raise her hand to volunteer at the local Salvation Army, then The Power of A Praying Wife is a great way to nurture her giving heart.

Hometown Honeymoon

Everyone knows that romantic getaways make the perfect unique gifts. However romantic they may be, sometimes it just isn’t possible for couples who are on a budget to sail around the world or fly off to an exotic island.

If you are strapped for cash, a hometown honeymoon could be just the thing to say “thank you” for all the wonderful years you have spent together. Book a cabin by the lake or stay in a local hotel and rediscover your hometown. Do all the things you would tell a tourist to try while on a visit. Go see Macbeth at your local theater – you know the one you knew was there but never imagined going to. Have a picnic by the creek. Share a cup of coffee at that cozy coffee house on the square. Trust us; she’ll be so impressed she will forget she never boarded the plane!

When it comes to unique anniversary gift ideas remember that they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a little imagination and a bit of consideration you can give your wife an anniversary she’s sure to remember for years to come and a gift she’s sure to treasure forever.


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