Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Unique anniversary gift for himMen are notoriously hard to buy for . . . even if they don’t think so. As women, sometimes it is difficult to put yourself into your guy’s shoes, especially if you are polar opposites. If you are struggling with finding a gift, read on to find a few of our favorite unique anniversary gift ideas that are sure to rock his world.

Own Your Own Holiday at MyDayRegistry.com

Set the day of your anniversary in stone with MyDayRegistry.com “save the date” program. Choosing from statewide, national and international holidays, you can purchase the date of special events such as your anniversary or even the day of your very first summer’s kiss. With purchase, you receive a framed certificate of authenticity along with editor’s access to your very own web page to share photos, stories and thoughts with friends and family.

Zune Originals

Among our favorite unique anniversary gift ideas is the Zune Original. With Zune’s customizable systems, you can style this rocking gift specifically to your man. We especially love sketch skins from the Artist Collection. To make this gift even sweeter, fill the Zune with songs that remind you of him. Download a few romantic numbers and add a few to make him blush and giggle like “Whatta Man” by Salt N Peppa.

Deep Sea Fishing

One of our favorite unique anniversary gift ideas is a wow-him trip to the sea. Book a summer time getaway for your sweetie to go deep sea fishing. Present this gift in a cute way by filling a box with plastic deep-sea creatures and wrapping it in pretty paper. If your guy is a jokester, make this gift comedic by tying a note to a plastic crab that reads on one side “I’m giving you crabs for our anniversary.” On the other side write, “Get your gear. You’re going deep sea fishing!”

Blackberry Storm

Give the gift of staying in touch with the Blackberry Storm. The newest Blackberry to go completely touch screen, the Storm allows you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere. Perfect for long distance relationships or for spicing up the workweek, send spicy photos via SMS or email sweet nothings across the miles. Buy one for yourself to make this gift double the fun.

When it comes to unique anniversary gift ideas, the best thing to remember is to keep his interests at heart. Don’t buy something just because you like it. Send an email to some of his friends and ask them if they can give you any hints on what he might enjoy. Think about it. How many times has he given you roses and perfume because it was a “classic female gift” when really you would have loved a chic pencil dress or that new pair of riding boots you’d been eyeing? Wouldn’t your friends have been able to shed light on that for him? His friends can do the same.

In the long run, no matter what you buy, as long as it comes from the heart it’s sure to make its way into his.


  1. Why not get some Cufflinks. I have some which I wear every day to work. They are personalised too which just reminds me of when they were given too me which is greta when I’m having a bad day!

  2. Another great unique anniversary gift idea for men might also be the arcade table, a lot of men love those. Especially if you know he was (or still is) a gamer. Most of them are all retro games, from times before fancy gaming consoles, simple and addictive, reminding us of the old arcades, waiting in line sometimes just to insert a coin and play away the afternoon…

  3. Love your blog Carol! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Carol, I really appreciate your effort on writing this! I’ve been looking for great deals, and anniversary gift ideas for him and these suggestions of yours are unique in a way that to be honest we haven’t experienced doing outdoor activities yet. I think I’ll going to do this one for our anniversary. Thank you for this. It would be memorable for us!


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