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Top 3 Gifts I’ve put together a list of my Top 3 Gifts that truly come from a unique idea; one that says only a special gift will do when it comes to “you”. How many times have we said “I’ll remember this day forever” or “I want to give you the stars”? With personalized “registry” style companies these promises are closer than ever before.

In the spirit of all things unique and wonderful, here are a few of my personal favorite gift ideas for those unique and wonderful people in your life. Each unique in its own right, these truly one of a kind gifts are great for the person who has everything or simply for the person you want to know “means everything” to you.

If I had to pick my top three gift ideas after years of being a gift blogger I would have to pick:, and Global Star Registry. Check out the descriptions of my top three gift ideas below to see what these gift ideas are all about.

# 1

number one top gift my day registryWhen no other gift will do, MyDayRegistry swoops in with sentimental selections of state, national and international holidays that are just awaiting your signature of ownership. When My Day says their gifts are “unique” you can take that promise to the calendar. Best of all, once a day is purchased, it can never be claimed again as you are registered in the International Registry as the official and sole owner. It is uniquely your own and designated to any special moment and date that your heart desires.

While most companies would stop there, My Day Registry takes it one step further. You receive a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity along with a personal web page especially for you and your special day. Here you can upload photos, videos, music, and most importantly write about why that day is special to you. This is a great way to share your day with friends and family by sending the link via e-mail on proclaim it on Facebook. With My Day Registry your day becomes your own personal holiday, so celebrate in style with this unique gift.

Out with the same o’ same o’ and in with the truly unique! My Day Registry makes this possible offering a fresh spin on memories and a new lease on the calendar as we know it. My Day Registry brings us the infinite promise of remembrance and heartfelt memories that are destined to live on forever in our hearts and on earth indefinitely. With My Day Registry . . . you aren’t just taking home a gift, you are taking home the gift of a lifetime and celebrating that lifetime in the process. Honestly– what could be better?


number two top gift love book onlineOften times we don’t tell our loved ones that we love them enough. With LoveBookOnline, you can actually create a book dedicated to just that. They help you put “I love you” and all the reasons why in black and white with a customized book. To help narrate they have created cute little stick figure characters to add a fun and lovable quality to your story. This gift is truly just as much fun to create as it is to give!

Simply create an account, choose a cover, add pages, and submit for the perfect sentimental gift that will be delivered right to your door with a guarantee to put a smile on your loved one’s face. They’ll laugh and cry with tears of joy as they read all about the qualities you love about them and the things you love doing with them. Perfect for any occasion, it will be sure to become your love’s new favorite book!

This gift is one that they can put on a shelf and whenever they are feeling down they can grab it to remember why they are special to you. How many gifts can do that?! This unique and wonderful feature is one of the many reasons it’s on my list of top gift ideas! If you’re looking for a gift that has a lot of meaning and will be a hit without tons of work, you’ve found it with LoveBookOnline!

#3 Global Star Registry

number three top gift Global Star Registry Global Star Registry is still one of the number one leaders in unique gifts to date. Offering a little piece of the sky for those that light up your life, Star Registry allows you to purchase a star especially for that special someone in your life.

Give the gift of romance with a special star presented on a beautiful certificate. It’s the perfect sweet and simple solution for that upcoming anniversary that always leaves you cruising the mall for weeks. Or wow that snuggly star in your life with a Star Buddy stuffed animal from Russ that comes complete with a star perfect for personalizing. They will love cuddling their new friend from the comfort of the covers while gazing out their window for that Star Named just for them.

When it comes to one of a kind gifts and presents that touch the heart, Star Registry offers so many options for every special someone in your life. From the wife who still glows when she walks into the room to the brother who always guides the way, show them you care today with a shinning gift from Star Registry that says “You light up my life in every way.”


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    Hi Carol Ann,

    Just stumbled upon your site today, I am amazed at some of the unique gift ideas you come up with, I don’t know where you find them, but please keep them coming! Adding you to my RSS reader. 🙂

    All the best,

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