Top Ten Unique Anniversary Gifts

Couple lying in bed on their anniversaryIt’s the age old question heard around the world every ten seconds, “Honey, what do you want for our anniversary?” Then, alas comes the most dreaded words in the male language. “Surprise me.” Oh, great. We think to ourselves… surprise me. Just fantastic. So now not only are we expected to go shopping, we are now expected to “surprise her” with something romantic.

Unique anniversary gifts are rather difficult to find if you are just out and about in your local shopping mall. Come on– let’s get real. If you go there, she’s likely to get a sweater and possibly a pair of socks if you are in the shopping mood. So this year, guys, we want to lend you a hand. We are taking the guess work out of finding those coveted unique anniversary gifts that are seemingly so rarely found. From tiny budgets to budgets with no limits, here are my top ten unique anniversary gifts:

Princess for a Day

Make her fairytale daydreams come true with this elaborate night on the town. Pick out a beautiful evening gown for your wife, making sure to get her size just right. Purchase tickets to a local theater, preferably an opera or ballet and watch her swoon. It’s a night she will never forget!

Memory Slideshow

Create a slideshow of your favorite moments set to the backdrop of the song that reminds you of her the most. For instance, play “Brown Eyed Girl” in the background as your favorite photos of her grace the big screen. is easy to use and can give you a professional slideshow for a unique anniversary gift your husband or wife will love!

Hidden Message

You can’t go wrong with jewelry, guys, especially when it comes to the treasures at Things Remembered. This beautiful double heart diamond necklace sits on a private message just for the two of you to share. The sentiment is something your loved one will truly enjoy and Things Remembered offers a whole line of personalized jewelry so you can choose the piece that fits your lady best, making this one of the most unique anniversary gifts.

Your Holiday

Just when we thought it had all been thought of… comes along allowing you to create a recognized holiday especially for the one you love. The choice is yours. When you register your day you will receive a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity, an online profile complete with an editorial section for uploading videos and photos for viewing anytime. The best thing is that no two people can own the same day making this a truly unique anniversary gift that your family will treasure forever.

Ten Days of Anniversary

A combination of little gifts and celebrating each day can have a wonderful impact on any relationship. All you need to do is take the number of years you have been married and then celebrate that many days. It’s an inexpensive way to add fairytale romance to tired traditions.

Charming Jewelry

Charm her with a beautiful new charm bracelet complete with charms that remind you of her. Choose a daisy charm symbolic of the first flower you ever gave her, a music note for her love the piano or anything that you like to create a truly unique gift sure to make her swoon.

Memory Book

From the first kiss to the first child, show her you remember it all. Make these unique anniversary gifts even more romantic by leaving some of the book blank with specified milestones such as “first grandbaby”, “first vacation without the kids”, or any other firsts that leave you daydreaming about your future together.

Photo Sessions

Among one of the most unique anniversary gifts is the gift that makes her feel as beautiful as you know she is. Book a sitting with a professional on-site photographer. Go to her favorite place and have the photographer snap away. Then, make sure to frame your favorites in your office so when she stops by for lunch, she will see just how proud you are to call her “wife”.

Design Your Own Anniversary Ring

The masterminds at Zale’s have done it again with the “do it yourself” jewelry design line. Design an extravagant diamond anniversary band or mix it up with untraditional colorful hues entwined in platinum or gold. Either way, these do-it-yourself designer pieces will be among the most unique anniversary gifts she could have ever imagined receiving.

Name a Star

By now, you have probably heard all about the buy-a-star program. It’s a wonderful way to show the one you love just how much you care. After you have your certificate, take your loved one to the planetarium for a look out of their telescopes for a magical night that is sure to be remembered forever.

When it comes to unique anniversary gifts, finding the perfect gift can be as easy as one, two, three. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of love to make her fairytale dreams come true for an anniversary that always ends . . . happily ever after.

Do you know of the most romantic and unique anniversary gifts? Please share! We love to hear your comments about what he or she got you!

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  1. I was browsing through your site and you have wonderful gift giving ideas! Thank you! … one thing though – i’m planning on gifting ‘a star’ and there are so many sites on the internet but I would like to know one that you recommend please! Thank you!!!

  2. I really appreciate your kind words! Running a blog can be time consuming and tedious at times and it’s always great to hear when you’re appreciated. I recommend Global Star Registry if you’re going to be naming a star for someone.They originally came up with the idea and have been around for years.

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