Top 10 Gifts for Baby’s 1st Birthday

baby boy eating his 1st birthday cakeI know how quickly that first year of a baby’s life comes and goes. Before you know it, your little baby is crawling, ready to walk, and it’s time for the 1st birthday party. The best birthday gifts are those that will be used and enjoyed now and that will become keepsakes in the future. Here are the very best gifts that you can give that little boy or girl who is now one year old.

#1 Disney Themed Clock

baby's 1st birthday disney fairies clockA fun character clock is a great birthday gift for a baby turning one, not so that baby can keep time of course (he or she will do that soon enough). But because babies love seeing the numbers on clocks and the little hands that tick by. Plus it makes a great accessory for the room. There are Disney princess clocks and other themes to match the nursery so you can be sure you get something the baby will love.

#2 Embroidered Baby Blanket

baby's 1st birthday embroidered blanket By now, baby is well aware of his or her surroundings and loves to look at tiny images of giraffes, deer, flowers, trees, and animals. An embroidered baby blanket will surely be appreciated by the parents who know that baby will probably be in the crib for another year and then in a toddler bed for a year or two after that. Both cribs and toddler beds use the same size sheets and blankets, so it is a good investment to buy an embroidered baby blanket for the little one’s first birthday.

#3 Gift 3 Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

baby's 1st birthday gift Christmas ornamentGive a personalized 1st birthday gift, a baby’s first Christmas ornament specially engraved with the child’s name and birthday. It will be a nice sentiment and a precious addition to the family Christmas tree. Don’t hesitate to give the child something like this even if he or she has a summer birthday. When Christmas arrives, the family will be happy to have it.

#4 A new look for the nursery

baby's 1st birthday bedding and decorChances are that it’s time for a change in the nursery. Baby boys are beginning to show preferences for cars, trucks, balls, and animals even by the young age of one. Girls are also beginning to notice princess dresses and beautiful frilly things. A great first birthday gift for the child’s birthday is new organic cotton bedding, a soft organic throw rug, and new curtains for the nursery.

#5 Nursery Furniture

baby's 1st birthday nursery furniture  Instead of everyone giving the child a lot of expensive toys that will be broken in a few months, why not get together and buy new nursery furniture for the baby? If the baby has new furniture from when he or she was born, then of course it isn’t necessary. But if the parents have a mix and match collection, they will surely appreciate a sturdy new dresser and changing table.

#6 Keepsake Box

baby's 1st birthday keepsake boxIf the parents don’t already have one of these, this makes an excellent first birthday gift. They probably already have some newborn toys and blankets that can be put into the child’s new keepsake box.

#7 Baby’s First Piggy Bank

baby's 1st birthday piggy bankThe first birthday is the perfect time for an engraved sterling silver or pewter piggy bank. The child will enjoy putting change into the bank with the help of mom or dad.

#8 A Share of Disney Stock

baby's 1st birthday Disney stockAll kids love Disney cartoons, characters, and Disneyland. Having their own share of Disney stock will be something that the child treasures and will actually pay off in the coming years.

#9 Teddy Bear

baby 1st birthday teddy bearIt can be very simple and safe so that baby doesn’t have any small buttons for eyes that can be pulled off. A one-year old is ready to start his or her collection of stuffed animals, so choose a special one. You may want to get a birthday bear that has a knitted scarf attached to the bear’s neck with the child’s birth month. My oldest son still has one that he was given years ago that says May; and he loves it. He calls it his special birthday bear.

#10 Cinderella Jewelry

baby's 1st birthday Cinderella jewelryThese unique pieces of jewelry start off a little girl’s jewelry collection in just the right way. You can choose Cinderella slipper stud earrings in 14k yellow gold that are perfect for any little girl. The slippers are blue with gold trim, and they both have a pink bow on them. You may also want to give the baby girl a matching necklace that has two of the same slippers on it. She can begin to wear the necklace very soon because it adjusts from 13 inches to 14 inches to 15 inches.

Another outstanding piece from the Cinderella store jewelry collection is a FuFoo Child’s Cinderella pink sapphire and diamond crown pendant. It is made in sterling silver, and the beautiful crown has the pink sapphire right in the middle.

Or, Cinderella 14k white gold Disney Cinderella earrings are also the perfect gift to give the little girl on her first birthday. They are cut out hearts with ball post earrings, and they have an image of Cinderella in the middle of the heart. All of these jewelry pieces from the Cinderella store jewelry collection will be worn and loved, and some day they can be put into the girl’s keepsake box for her own daughter.

All of these gifts are excellent for one particular reason. That is because they can all become keepsakes for the future. They can either be kept in the child’s keepsake box once the boy or girl has outgrown them, or they can be stored in the garage or basement for use in the future. Who knows, maybe the child’s own child will sleep in the same bed or use the same soft organic crib bedding that his or her mom or dad used.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

~Irish Proverb

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  1. Love the idea of the Disney shares. Man, I wonder how many times that stock has split and or doubled in my lifetime!

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    Wonder Wheel
    Baby’s First Year Picture Frame.

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