Unique Remembrance Gifts

Finding the perfect unique remembrance gifts for that heart-wrenching and emotional time in life when a loved one is lost can be terribly confusing. For me, the appropriate gift will hold an emotional value long after the gift is given. But, in situations where unique remembrance gifts are called for, I find that I like to really ponder a few aspects first: who… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas When a Loved One Passes

If you have ever lost someone truly close to you, you know how heartbreaking it can be and how hard it is to to show your sympathy for others when a loved one passes. Finding the perfect unique gift ideas when a loved one passes can be extremely difficult, but you also know how lifted you can feel when others reach out and… Read More »

Unique Gifts for a Death in the Family

When a loved one passes on or there is a death in the family it can seem like our whole world has crumbled to the ground… while we want to shut ourselves out from the world, it is now that we need comfort and the love of friends most of all. If you have recently lost a loved one or you know someone… Read More »

Unique Ways to Remember a Loved One That Passed

When a loved one passes away, we are left with memories that last forever. Still, we want to find creative ways to remember them and celebrate their life. Here are a few of our favorite unique ways to remember a loved one that passed and assure that their legacy lives on forever.       Celebrate Forever Another of our favorite unique ways… Read More »

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