Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Women in 2012

If you know the women in your life that like high-end, luxury gifts, then be prepared to pay attention to the latest fashion collections from throughout the world. From handbags and heels to luxury beach getaways, here are some ways to impress a woman who expects only the best on her birthday or anniversary in 2012. These gifts are luxury and will not… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: Seventy-Seven Diamonds

The promise of a life journey travelled together. That’s exactly what a diamond engagement ring represents to your fiancé, friends, family, and the world. The perfect ring will be shown off, gushed over, and, hopefully, become a cherished family heirloom. You understand that, which is why you don’t want a run-of-the-mill jewelry store piece. Whether you’re a guy on the hunt for the… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review:

  Need a gallon of milk? A new coffee table? A replacement towel bar? Then discount and department stores are just fine. But if, like me, you need to give a gift to someone special—a gift that genuinely tells that person just how much you care—then those stores just aren’t the answer. So I was really excited when a friend directed me to… Read More »

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Moms are such special beings. They always seem to be taking care of everyone else and putting other people’s needs above their own. Mother’s Day should change all of that for her; even if only for one day. Mother’s Day should be all about her and when you’re thinking about what to get mom for Mother’s Day, the gifts you choose should be… Read More »

First Mother’s Day Gifts

A child. Few things change a woman’s life like having a child does, especially for a first time mom. So when it comes to first Mother’s Day gifts, the conventional variety, like flowers or brunch, may not have the emotional oomph that shows her just how special she is and how much she is loved. As a mom I know what gifts a… Read More »

What To Do For Mother’s Day

Mom spends all year doing things for others. Whether its shuffling the kids off to soccer practice, helping dad with his tie, or volunteering down at the local homeless shelter, one thing is for sure: mom does a lot! So With mom’s special day coming up on May 12, 2013, its time to start thinking about what to do for Mother’s Day. Mother’s… Read More »

What To Get For Mother’s Day

Ah, springtime. It’s the time of year when flowers start to bloom and before you know it you’re storing your plastic Easter eggs, and wondering what to get for Mother’s Day. With May 12, 2013 inching closer, I can’t slow time but I can help you find the perfect gift for that special woman, whether she’s a first-time mom or a cherished great-grandmother.… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide Are you tired of searching the web for exactly the right present for mom? Have you started to break into a sweat as the big day approaches because you still haven’t decided on a gift? Do you need a Mother’s Day gift guide? Stop searching, my friend, because this Mother’s Day gift guide will get you started… Read More »

What To Get Mom

What to get mom? That is the the question. You love your mom dearly and cherish the woman she is but just can’t quite figure out what to get mom! There’s been a few hints she’s dropped during the year and a few things you’ve come across that you knew she would adore. But alas, those gift ideas are long forgotten and you’re… Read More »

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

This year why not give Mum a truly special treat for Mother’s Day? Instead of choosing something from the range of usual suspects at the shopping mall, find her unique and stylish Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts. When buying her gift think about not only selecting something that reminds her of you, but also shows her just how much she means to you. Think… Read More »

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