Mother’s Day Gifts for a Grieving Mom

Losing a child is the single most difficult loss in the world. One of my dearest friends lost her little one not too many years ago and the loss still cuts deep. As her friend and as a mom, I can’t imagine the pain she must be going through. She doesn’t get Mother’s Day gifts anymore– and that just breaks my heart. So… Read More »

Gifts for a Mom Who Has Everything

My husband says I am a mom who has everything… frankly I don’t see it. I mean sure, I like to accessorize, I’ve got a bookshelf filled with every novel known to man and my purse could double as an emergency disaster kit… ok, maybe I fall into the gifts for a mom who has everything category… Ok fine I will admit I… Read More »

2010 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Has Mother’s Day shopping got you down this year and you wish there were a 2010 Mother’s Day gift guide? Well stress no more and prepare yourself for some effortless shopping . . . this week I’ve checked in with some of my favorite women’s magazine editors to create a 2010 Mother’s Day gift guide to find out what women really want this… Read More »

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t always easy to come by and if you are over the age of twelve, those little Play Dough creations just don’t count as “unique mother’s day gift ideas” any more. I know that all of my readers are busy so that’s why I’m devoting my free time away from the magazine to help you find the most… Read More »

Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Moms

Looking for unique valentine’s gifts for moms? Being a mommy myself, my kids always get me a gift every year. Of course, my hubby does the brunt of the shopping which always begs the question “Honey, what do you want this year?” So in honor of all you guys or kids looking to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life… Read More »

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