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    Why a Giveaway?

    Giveaways are one of the cheapest and most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your product or website.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has the platform or reach to sponsor a giveaway and just like anything worth doing it takes time and resources to effectively manage a successful giveaway.

    That’s why we offer this service and handle every aspect of the giveaway for you. You’re probably thinking YEAH RIGHT, but it’s absolutely true!

    That’s because with you as our sponsor we also benefit tremendously by attracting new readers, increasing page views and generating Buzz at our site. It’s a Win, Win for everyone involved.

    What we offer:

    Our gift experts will review your product and create a 300-500 word product description that will be posted in addition to the Rafflecopter widget where potential entrants can enter your giveaway. The product description will give our readers some background information about your product, but most importantly inform them of the giveaway.

    We work with you to create a contest format that will create the most exposure for your product and our blog. Once a format has been decided upon our giveaway experts will create and promote your giveaway on numerous blogs, giveaway sites and social media platforms.

    During the giveaway we will monitor, moderate, engage and respond to the entrants. After the entry deadline we will announce and notify the winner and ensure the product is delivered.

    What we need from you:

    All you need to do if you are interested in being one of our giveaway sponsors is fill out and check the “Sponsor a Giveaway” box on the form in the right column and one of our Gift Experts will contact you within 24 hours!

    For additional advertising opportunities please visit our gift advertising page.

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    1. Carol wrote a wonderful review on my website & I received several new facebook & twitter fans! I was very pleased with the outcome & would encourage others to host a giveaway as well!

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